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During the 1950s most activity at Tarrant Rushton centred on Flight Refuellings work on Gloster Meteors. A large number of ex RAF aircraft were refurbished for export to the Middle East and South America. The first list below gives details of some of these aircraft.

Other Meteor work involved the conversion of approximately 250 aircraft to U.15/U.16/U.21 standard. The exact numbers involved are uncertain but it is likely that there were 92 U.15s, and about 150 U.16/U.21s.Those known for certain are listed in the second section below, any additions or corrections would be most welcome. The information on this page has been gathered from Air Britain,B.A.R.G.,Flight, RAF Flying Review,Spy International,Southernair and other enthusiasts publications.
METEORS FOR EXPORT REFURBISHED AT TARRANT RUSHTON 1954-1956 Serial. Ex RAF Delivery-Via Mk. Customer F-BEAR WA607 6-4-55 Melun T.7 France SE-CAS WL466 29-7-55 Manstan T.7 Sweden SE-CAT WH128 1-3-56 Amsterdam T.7 Sweden 111 WL434 2-4-55 Le Bourget T.7 Israel 112 WF833 2-4-55 Le Bourget T.7 Israel 211 WX967 4-5-55 Le Bourget FR.9 Israel 212 WL259 4-5-55 Le Bourget FR.9 Israel 213 WB123 15-3-55 Le Bourget FR.9 Israel 214 WB140 15-3-55 Le Bourget FR.9 Israel 215 WX975 9-12-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Israel 216 WX963 17-12-54 Moreton ValenceFR.9 Israel 217 WX980 22-12-54 Moreton ValenceFR.9 Israel 413 WA785 26-3-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 414 WL174 26-3-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 415 WK868 13-6-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 416 WK984 13-6-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 417 WH503 13-6-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 418 WE965 7-5-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 419 WH260 7-5-56 Le Bourget F.8 Syria 480 WB133 17-7-56 Le Bourget FR.9 Syria 481 WX972 17-7-56 Le Bourget FR.9 Syria 701 VZ597 9-7-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 702 WH547 14-7-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 703 VW366 16-8-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 704 WB136 23-8-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 705 VZ610 13-9-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 706 WH540 15-9-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 707 WH543 29-9-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 708 WH549 23-9-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 709 WH550 7-10-54 Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 710 WH553 20-10-54Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 711 WH554 29-10-54Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 712 WH555 19-11-54Moreton Valence FR.9 Ecuador 1415 WH350 18-4-55 Le Bourget F.8 Egypt 1419 WL188 18-4-55 Le Bourget F.8 Egypt 1420 WH371 19-5-55 Nice F.8 Egypt 1421 WL186 19-5-55 Nice F.8 Egypt 1423 WL183 19-5-55 Nice F.8 Egypt 1424 WL185 6-6-55 Le Bourget F.8 Egypt 1425 WL187 6-6-55 Le Bourget F.8 Egypt 1426 WL191 6-6-55 Le Bourget F.8 Egypt 1439 VW435 25-11-55 Melsbroek T.7 Egypt 1440 WA730 25-11-55 Melsbroek T.7 Egypt 1441 WG994 27-1-56 Melsbroek T.7 Egypt
	 Known Meteor U15/U16/U21 Conversions				
VT104	U15			VZ445	U16
VT105	U15			VZ485	U16
VT106	U15			VZ506	U16
VT107	U15			VZ513	U16
VT110	U15			VZ514	U16
VT112	U15			VZ520	U16
VT113	U15			VZ530	U16
VT118	U15			VZ554	U16
VT130	U15			VZ455	U21
VT135	U15			VZ503	U21
VT139	U15			WA775	U16
VT142	U15			WA842	U16
VT168	U15			WE867	U16
VT175	U15			WE915	U16
VT177	U15			WE934	U16
VT179	U15			WE962	U16
VT184	U15			WE902	U21
VT185	U15			WE960	U21
VT186	U15			WE961	U21
VT187	U15			WF681	U16
VT191	U15			WF706	U16
VT192	U15			WF716	U16
VT196	U15			WF741	U16
VT197	U15			WF743	U16
VT219	U15			WF751	U16
VT220	U15			WF755	U16
VT222	U15			WF756	U16
VT226	U15			WF659	U21
VT230	U15			WH258	U16
VT243	U15			WH284	U16
VT256	U15			WH309	U16
VT259	U15			WH315	U16
VT262	U15			WH320	U16
VT268	U15			WH344	U16
VT280	U15			WH349	U16
VT282	U15			WH359	U16
VT286	U15			WH365	U16
VT289	U15			WH369	U16
VT291	U15			WH372	U16
VT294	U15			WH373	U16
VT310	U15			WH376	U16
VT316	U15			WH381	U16
VT319	U15			WH419	U16
VT329	U15			WH420	U16
VT330	U15			WH469	U16
VT332	U15			WH499	U16
VT338	U15			WH500	U16
VW258	U15			WH505	U16
VW266	U15			WH506	U16
VW273	U15			WH509	U16
                                WH453   U16 arr 9/4/74 dep 9/8/74 - Now (2006)
                                being restored at Bentwaters Museum by the 
                                Bentwaters Aviation Society
VW275	U15			WH460	U21
VW276	U15			WK648	U16
VW280	U15			WK657	U16
VW285	U15			WK693	U16
VW293	U15			WK709	U16
VW299	U15			WK716	U16
VW303	U15			WK717	U16
VW308	U15			WK721	U16
VW781	U15			WK729	U16
VW791	U15			WK731	U16
VZ386	U15			WK737	U16
VZ389	U15			WK738	U16
VZ401	U15			WK743	U16
VZ407	U15			WK744	U16
VZ414	U15			WK745	U16
VZ415	U15			WK746	U16
VZ417	U15			WK747	U16
RA367	U15			WK783	U16
RA371	U15			WK789	U16
RA375	U15			WK790	U16
RA397	U15			WK793	U16
RA398	U15			WK795	U16
RA415	U15			WK799	U16
                                WK800   U16 
RA417	U15			WK807	U16
RA421	U15			WK812	U16
RA430	U15			WK852	U16
RA432	U15			WK855	U16
RA433	U15			WK859	U16
RA438	U15			WK870	U16
RA439	U15			WK877	U16
RA441	U15			WK883	U16
RA442	U15			WK885	U16
RA454	U15			WK911	U16
RA457	U15			WK925	U16
RA473	U15			WK926	U16
RA479	U15			WK932	U16
EE521	U15			WK942	U16
EE524	U15			WK949	U16
				WK971	U16
				WK980	U16
				WK989	U16
				WK993	U16
				WL110	U16
				WL124	U16
				WL127	U16
				WL134	U16
				WL160	U16
				WL162	U16
				WL163	U16
				WK710	U21
				WK879	U21
				WL136	U21

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