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Much has been added recently to the early (pre World War On) years.This is thanks mainly to recent discussion on the Air Britain Information Exchange website .If you are interested in joining Air Britian look here.

The earliest mention of Nationality markings for aircraft came from the "Conference Internationale de Navigation Aerienne" that took place between May 18th and June 29th 1910 in Paris. 19 European countries participated and the outcome was that Nationality letters were allotted to each of the participating countries as shown below.It is unlikely that any of these were used on any aircraft before the allocations were overtaken by the 1912 Conference below.

           A  Austria
           B  Belgium
           BG Bulgaria
           D  Germany
           DM Denmark
           E  Spain
           F  France
           GB Great Britain
           H  Hungary 
           I  Italy
           MC Monaco
           NL Netherlands
           P  Portugal
           R  Russia
           RM Romania
           S  Sweden
           SB Serbia 
           SS SWitzerland
           T  Turkey

Early allocations of National identification letters took place on 17th May 1912 when the Commission du Droit Aéronautique meeting in Brusselles allocated the following national identity letters to the 13 countries that attended.Whether any of these were ever used in any way is unknown at the moment.

            R  Argentina 
            B  Belgium
            D  Germany(Deutschland)
            F France
  	    GB Great Britain						      
            EG Egypt
            H Hungary
            N  Norway
            OE Austria
            PB Netherlands
            S Sweden 
            SS Switzerland
            U  United States

The next systematic allocations of National callsign letters took place in 1913 ,when The London International Radiotelegraphic Conference made a partial allotment of call letters among nations which signed the convention.The International Bureau at Berne, with the consent of those nations, modified and added to this assignment of call letters in a circular dated April 23, 1913.

These allocations were for use for all radio purposes - ground stations,ships, broadcast etc - aircraft not being a specific target at that time for radio equipment .In fact the use of the allocations for aircraft either as radio calls or registrations did not become widespread until the end of the Great War in 1919

The list immediately below shows the original 1913 allocations.

Initial assignment of call letters as of April 23, 1913.
A...........Germany and protectorates.
B...........Great Britain.
CAA to CMZ..Not assigned.
CNA to CNZ..Morocco.
COA to CPZ..Chile.
CQA to CQZ..Monaco.
CRA to CTZ..Portugal and colonies.
CUA to CUZ..Not assigned.
CVA to CVZ..Roumania.
CWA to CWZ..Uruguay.
CXA to CZZ..Not assigned.
D...........Germany and protectorates.
EAA to EGZ..Spain and colonies.
EHA to EZZ..Not assigned.
F...........France and colonies.
G ..........Great Britain.
HAA to HFZ..Austria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
HGA to HHZ..Siam
. HIA to HZZ..Not assigned.
I...........Italy and colonies.
J...........Japan and possessions.
KAA to KCZ..Germany and protectorates.
KDA to KZZ..United States.
LAA to LHZ..Norway.
LIA to LRZ..Argentine Republic.
LSA to LWZ..Not assigned.
LXA to LZZ..Bulgaria.
M...........Great Britain.
N...........United States.
OAA to OFZ..Not  assigned.
OGA to OMZ..Austria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
ONA to OTZ..Belgium and colonies.
OUA to OZZ..Denmark.
PAA to PIZ..Netherlands.
PJA to PJM..Curacao (Dutch)
PJN to PJZ..Surinam (Dutch)
PKA to PMZ..Dutch East Indies.
PNA to PZZ..Not assigned.
Q...........Reserved for code abbreviations.
SAA to SMZ..Sweden.
SNA to STZ..Brazil.
SUA to SUZ..Egypt.
SVA to SZZ..Greece.
TAA to TMZ..Turkey.
TNA to TZZ..Not assigned.
UAA to UMZ..France and colonies.
UNA to UZZ..Austria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
VAA to VGZ..Canada (British)
VHA to VKZ..Australian Federation (British)
VLA to VMZ..New Zealand (British)
VNA to VNZ..Union of South African (British)
VOA to VOZ..Newfoundland (British)
VPA to VSZ..British colonies not autonomous.
VTA to VWZ..British India.
VXA to VZZ..Not assigned.
W...........United States.
XAA to XCZ..Mexico.
XDA to XZZ..Not assigned.
YAA to YZZ..Not assigned.
ZAA to ZZZ..Not assigned.

In April 1919 The International Air Navigation Convention in Paris made allocations of Aircraft Registration Nationality Marks that were broadly in line with some(but not all) aspects of the 1913 allocations for Radio Call signs. Notable in the original list shown below is the absence of an allocation for the recently defeated Germany..

later addition....Nicaragua....A-Nxxx
later addition....Mexico ....M-Sxxx

In 1929 an International Telecommunications Union Conference made fresh allocations - which remain the basis for those in use today.

The following list shows the ICAO/ITU block allocations for each country and the usage within those blocks for aviation purposes.In addition ,any other known forms of usage for aviation ,either official or otherwise are shown.Where known ,details are given of special or reserved block allocations for differing classes or types of aircraft.Use for military aircraft callsigns are shown if known,but note that ,for the few countries that use this form of military callsign,it is frequently not painted on the aircraft in full.(sometimes not at all).Dates given do not imply that the particular prefix was actually used from that date onwards,only that it was known to have been allocated for use.


The block allocations allotted to a country are for use as radio callsigns for many purposes,not just aviation.
For example the GAA-GZZ block for the United Kingdom is used in many other ways.
"Gxx"(eg:GMO) three letter callsigns are used by ground stations.
"G(figure)xxx" calls(eg:G4OTU) are allocated to Radio Hams(with a qualifying second letter - D/U/M/I/J - for UK countries other than England(including the Channel Isles and Isle of Man) within the UK.
"Gxxx"(eg:GMNT) four letter callsigns are used for ships and were (1946-49) used for some civil airfields.
Most countries follow similar systems, often including the allocation of 3 or 4 letter callsigns to broadcast radio and TV stations.


The list below shows all known prefixes and where possible details of the years and type of usage by aircraft.If you can add to or correct any entries ,please Email me

Download Complete List(Text File)August 2015 (Right click and " save target as" Open with Notepad).
C= Current allocation. PNU = Possibly not used
#= Aviation use
Allocation blocks not shown..(EG:E8a-E9Z )are currently not allocated by the ITU
# A-(figures) Austria Civil 1919-1939
C AAA-ALZ United States
AC3-/AC4-/AC5 used by Sikim/Tibet/Bhutan for Amatuer Radio
# ADEN-(figs) Aden Civil -1939
# A-Hxxx Hedjaz Civil 1919-1939
# A-Nxxx Nicaragua Civil 1919-1929
# AN-xxx Nicaragua Civil 1929-1982
C APA-ASZ Pakistan
C # AP-xxx Pakistan civil 1947-
C # AP-Mxxx Pakistan.Microlights civil 20??-
C # AQ-xxx Pakistan Military1973-
C # AR-xxx Pakistan.Naval Aviation 1992-
C # AS-xxx Pakistan Military1947-
C AXA-AXZ Australia
C AYA-AZZ Argentina
C # AZ-xxx Azerbaijan...noted in use on balloons 2010 If this is an official allocation it compromises the Argentine allocation. Civil 2010-
C A2A-A2Z Botswana
C # A2-xxx Botswana Civil 1968-
C A3A-A3Z Tonga
C # A3-xxx Tonga Civil
C A4A-A4Z Sultanate of Oman
C # A40-xx Sultanate of Oman Civil 1973- some A40-xxx registrations also.
C A5A-A5Z Bhutan
C # A5-xxx Bhutan Civil 2000(?)-
C A6A-A6Z United Arab Emirates
C # A6-xxx United Arab Emirates Civil 1973-
C A7A-A7Z Qatar
C # A7-xxx Qatar Civil 1973-
C A8A-A8Z Liberia
C # A8-xxx Liberia Civil 2000(?)-
C A9A-A9Z Bahrain
C # A9C-xx Bahrain Civil 1977-
C # A9-xxx Bahrain Civil 2000(?)-
C # A9C-xxx Bahrain Air Force Military 1977-
Also some civil aircraft
BAA-BZZ United Kingdom (RN ships) -1949
C # B-(figures) Peoples Rep China Civil 1975-
Also with a last letter suffix eg:B-651L
Including Hong Kong and Macau
C # B-xxxx Peoples Republic of China
(only one example known) Civil 2000?
C # B-(figures) Taiwan Civil 1949-
C # B-xxx Hong Kong Civil 1997- There has been one example of B-(figs)X..B-0004X C337
C # B-Kxx As above
C # B-Lxx As above
C # B-MAx Macau (Fixed Wing) Civil 2000(?)-
C # B-MHx Macau (helicopters) Civil 2000(?)-
# B-Axxx Albania Civil 1946-1946
# B-Bxxx Bulgaria Civil 1923-1929
# BH-xxx North Vietnam ? ?
# B-Lxxx Latvia Civil 1919-1929
C? # BNMAU-(figs) Mongolia Civil 1945-
# BR-xxx Burundi Civil 1962-1965
# C-(figures) Columbia Civil 1929-1946
# C(figs) Japanese occupied China 1930s
# C-Bxxx Bolivia Civil 1919-1929
# CB-(figures) Bolivia Civil 1929-1954
# C-Cxxx Cuba Civil 1919-1929
C # CC-xxx Chile Civil 1929-
Used various suffix combinations of up to 4 letters,
or 3 letters and 3 figures but using 3 letter suffixes.
Ultralights use ULM-(figs) ,br. # CCCP-(figs) USSR Civil -1992
CCCP = cyrillic SSSR.Some reg'ns had a
letter between the prefix and the number.
EG: CCCP-L5400
# C-Exxx Estonia, not used Civil 1919-1929
C CFA-CKZ Canada
C # CF-xxx Canada Civil 1929-
Used with CF-xxx-X suffix for experimental aircraft
C # C-Fxxx Canada Civil 1974-
C # C-Gxxx Canada Civil 1974-
# C-H(figures) Switzerland No known use Civil 1919-1929
CH-(figures) Switzerland Civil 1929-1934
# CH-xxx Canada Air Cushion Vehicles 1968-
# C-Ixxx Canada Microlite aircraft 1983(?)-
# CIS-(Figures) Commonwealth of Independant States (1992)PNU
C CNA-CNZ Morocco
C # CN-xxx Morocco Civil 1952-
# CN-Mxx Morocco Military and Government 1952-
# CN-Axx Morocco Military 1952-
NB: sometimes presented as CNA-xx
# C-Pxxx Portugal Civil 1919-1929
# C-PMxx Mozambique civil 1919- C CPA-CPZ Bolivia
C # CP-(figures) Bolivia Civil 1954-
C CQA-CUZ Portugal
# C-Rxxx Romania Civil 1919-1929
# CR-AAA to CR-BZZ Mozambique Civil 1937-1975
# CR-Cxx Cap Verde Is. Civil 1929-197x
# CR-Gxx Portuguese Guinea Civil 1929-197x
# CR-Ixx Goa Civil 1929-1948
# CR-Lxx Angola Civil 1929-1975
C? # CR-Mxx Macao Civil 1929-1991
# CR-Mxx Mozambique Civil 1929-1937
# CR-Sxx Sao Tome Civil 1929-1975
# CR-Txx Timor Civil 1929-
C # CS-xxx Portugal Civil 1929-
C # CS-Uxx Ultralights
C # CT-xxx Portugal Air Force 1929-
# CT-xxx Mali Civil 1960-1960
# CT-xxx Senegal Civil 1960-1960
# C-Uxxx Uraguay PNU Civil 1919-1929
C # CU-x-(Figures) Cuba(EG: CU-T933) Civil 1945-
C CVA-CXZ Uraguay
# CV-xxx Romania Civil 1929-1936
C # CX-xxx Uraguay Civil 1929- (occasionally with an added CX-xxx-x suffix)
Also at least one example of alpha-numeric use CX-71
on a Cessna F150J
C CYA-CZZ Canada
# CY-xxx Ceylon Civil 1948-1954
# CZ-xxx Monaco Civil 1929-1954
# CZ-(fig) Canal Zone(Panama) CIVIL(?)1939-45(?)
C C2A-C2Z Nauru
C # C2-xx-(Figure) Nauru(EG: C2-RN10 B737 -4L7) Civil 1972-
C C3A-C3Z Andorra Not used Civil 1929-
C # C3-xxx Andorra Civil
C C4A-C4Z Cyprus
C C5A-C5Z Gambia
C # C5-xxx Gambia Civil 197?-
C # C6-xxx Bahamas Civil 197?-
C # C6A-C6Z Bahamas .
C C7A-C7Z World Meteorological Organization
C C8A-C9Z Mozambique
C # C9-xxx Mozambique Civil 1976-
# D/x figs Germany Civil Jan 1914
Civil aircraft started carrying identifying marks in Jan 1914 in the format..... D/(Letters identifying owner)/sequential(?)> C # D-(name) Germany Free Balloons Civil 1952-
C DAA-DRZ Germany
# D-xxx(figs) Germany Civil 1919-1945
D-6xx Reserved for "competition" aircraft
# D-xxxx Germany Civil 1919-1945
# D-(figures) Germany Civil 1919-1945
# D-(Figs)-(Figs) Germany Gliders Civil 1919-1945
C # D-(Figures) W.Germany,later Germany.Gliders Civil 1952-
C # D-95xx W.Germany,later Germany.
A/c op by Government Agencies 1952-
C # D-(name) W Germany,later Germany.Balloons.Civil 1952-
# D-Axxx Germany,Multi-engine a/c 5000Kg+.Civil 1919-1945
C # D-Axxx W.Germany.later Germany.
A/c over 20 tonnes. Civil 1952-
# D-Bxxx to D-Zxxx Germany Civil 1919-1945
C # D-Bxxx W.Germany,later Germany,
A/c 14 to 20 tonnes . Civil 1952-
C # D-Cxxx W Germany.later Germany,
A/c 5.7 to 14 tonnes. Civil 1952-
# DDR-(figs) E Germany, Civil 1956-1956
# DDR-xxx E Germany, Civil -1980
# D-Exxx Germany,landplanes 500 to 1000 kg,
and seaplanes 600 to 2200 kg Civil 1919-1945
C # D-Exxx W Germany,later Germany
single engined a/c up to 2 tonnes.Civil 1952-
C # D-Fxxx W Germany,later Germany,
Single engined a/c,2-5.7tonnes Civil 1952-
C # D-Gxxx W Germany,later Germany,Multi -engined ,
up to 2 tonnes Civil 1952-
C # D-Hxxx W Germany,- Germany.Helicopters. Civil 1952-
# D-Ixxx Germany,landplanes 100 to 2500 kgs
and seaplanes2200-5500kgs Civil 1919-1945
C # D-Ixxx W Germany,later Germany,
Multi-engined 2 to 5.7 tonnes. Civil 1952-
# D-Jxxx Germany 1000 to 2500 kgs Civil 1919-1945
# D-Kxxx W.Germany later Germany,
Powered Gliders Civil 1952-
C # D-Lxxx W Germany,later Germany.Airships.Civil 1952-
# DM-xxx East Germany Civil 1956-1988
C # D-Mxxx Germany Microlites Civil 198?-
# D-Oxxx Germany,Transport a/c 1-8 seats
landplanes 2500-5000kgs & seaplanes 5500kg+
Civil 1919-1945
# D-Oxxx/D-Txxx reserved for East Germany.PNU Civil 1956-1988
C # D-Oxxx Germany Free Balloons Civil 1956-
C # DQ-xxx Fiji Civil 1971
# DQ-9909B reported used on a BN2A-27
C DSA-DTZ Republic of Korea
# D-Uxxx Germany, Single engined transport
a/c over 5000 kgs Civil 1919-1952
# D-Yxxx Germany, A/c less than 50 HP,
less than 500kg(land)600kg(sea) Civil 1919-1945
C DUA-DZZ Philippines
# DZ-xxx Danzig Civil 1929-1939
C D2A-D3Z Angola
C # D2-xxx Angola Civil 1976-
C D4A-D4Z Cape Verde Islands
C # D4-xxx Cape Verde Islands Civil 1976-
C D5A-D5Z Liberia
C D6A-D6Z Comores
C # D6-xxx Comores Civil 197?-
C D7A-D9Z Republic of Korea
# E-xxxx Estonia Civil 1919-1929
# E-Axxx Estonia Civil 1929-1939
# E-Nxxx Norway(Allocation - not used) Civil 1923
# EB-xxx Eire,possibly used for Irish AF Mil Callsigns
C # EC-xxx Spain Civil 1929-
C # EC-Sxx Spain ,Government Helicopters
C # ECT-(Figs) Spain,class 2 registrations 1977-
# EC-(figs) Spain,Class 2 , 1974-1977
# EC-W(figs) Spain,Class 2 -1974
C # EC-Zxx Spain Air Force
C # EC-xx(fig) Spain Microlites Civil
C # EC-Yxx Spain Sailwing Microlites Civil
C # EC-x(figs) Spain Autogyros Civil
# E-Exxx Ecuador PNU Civil 1919-1929
C # EI-xxx Eire Civil 1929-
C # EI-(figs) Eire Gliders Civil 1929-
C # EJ-xxxx Eire(note 4 digits.MTOW 5700kg+) Civil 2018- EKA-EKZ Japan 1929-1945
C EKA-EKZ Armenia 199?-
C # EK-figs Armenia (also EK-x(figs) Civil 1991-
C ELA-ELZ Liberia
C # EL-xxx Liberia Civil 1952-
EMA-EOZ Japan 1929-1945
EMA-EOZ USSR 1945-199?
C EMA-EOZ Ukraine 199?-
C EPA-EQZ Iran(Persia) 1944-
C # EP-xxx Iran Civil 1944- # Q-G(figs) Iran-Gyrocopters
C # UL-xxx Iran Ultralights
C # EP(figs) Iran Microlights Civil 201x
# ER-xxx Eritrea PNU Civil -1993
E-ERZ Japan 1929-1945
ERA-ARZ USSR 1945-199?
C ERA-ERZ Moldava 199?-
C # ER-(figs) Moldava Civil 1991-
C # ER-xxx Moldava Civil 1991(?)-
ESA-ESZ Estonia 1929-1939
# ES-xxx Estonia Civil 1929-1939
ESA-ESZ USSR 1939-199?
C ESA-ESZ Estonia 199?-
ES-xxx Estonia Civil 199?-
C # ES-Uxx Ultralights Civil 200?-
C # ES-(figs) Estonia Gliders Civil 199?-
C ETA-ETZ Ethiopia(Abyssinia) 1929-
C # ET-xxx Ethiopia(Abyssinia) Civil 1929-
Originally used ET-x-(Figs).eg ET-T-10,
where "T" was Transport ,H was Helicopters
and "P" was Private.Later restarted at ET-AAA
# EU-(Roman numerals) China (Eurasia)unofficial? Civil 1930-1940s
EUA-EWZ Japan 1929-1945
EUA-EWZ USSR 1945-199?
C EUA-EWZ Belarus(Bylorussia) 199?-
C # EW-(figs) Belarus Civil 1991- Also noted using EW-(3figs)xx (Helicopters, airliners) and EW-(3figs)L (Balloon)
EXA-EXZ Japan 1929-1945
EXA-EXZ USSR 1945-199?
C EXA-EXZ Kyrgyzstan 199?-
C # EX-(figs) Kyrgyzstan Civil 1991-
EYA-EYZ Japan 1929-1945
EYA-EYZ USSR 1945-199?
C EYA-EYZ Tajikistan 199?-
EY-(figs) Tajikistan Civil 1991-
# EZ-xxx Saarland Civil 1919-1936
EZA-EZZ USSR 1936-199?
C EZA-EZZ Turkmenistan 199?-
C # EZ-(figs) Turkmenistan Civil 1991-
Also alpha-numeric eg:EZ-A107
C E2A-E2Z Thailand
C E3A-E3Z Eritrea
C # E3-xxx Eritrea Civil
C E4A-E4Z Palestine Provisional Allocation 2000-
C E5A-E5Z Cook Islands
C # E5-xxx Cook Islands Civil 2000(?)-
C E6-xxx Nuie
C E7A-E7Z Bosnia and Herzegovina
(allotted July 2007)
C # E7-xxx Bosnia and Herzegovina Civil 2007-
C # E7-xxxx(figs) as above - gliders Civil 2007-
C # E7-(1 or 2 letters then 3 or 4 figs) Ultralights Civil 2007-
# F-xxxx France. Any 4 letters Civil 1919-1929
C FAA-FZZ France 1929-
# F-Axxx France Civil 1929-1939
C # F-AZxx France Historical Aircraft
(including some replicas) Civil 1973-
C # F-Bxxx France Civil 1940-
Letter"W" not used in last three
# FC-xxx Free France 1940-1945
# F-Cxxx France Civil 1923-1934
C # F-Cxxx France Gliders Civil 1929-
# FD-xxx French Morocco Civil 1929-1952
# F-Dxxx French Citizens in Morocco Civil 1952-?
C # F-Dxxx France ,based outside France Civil 2001-
EG:TBM700 F-DIKE based Luxembourg
# F-ESxx France.Experimental("Essais"/“provisoire”) Civil circa 1920s
EG:F-ESFD CAMS38-used in 1923 Schneider Trophy Race
Series abandoned(when?)
# F-ETxx France.Imported a/c
on which customs duty unpaid. Civil 1973-?
# F-EXAA France,aircaft for export.
This the only example known. Civil 197?
# F-Fxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1920
# F-Fxxx France Military
# F-Gxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1920
C # F-Gxxx France Civil 1976-
C # F-Hxxx France, Civil 2002
# F-Ixxx France Civil 1920
# F-Jxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1920
C # F-Jxxx France.Homebuilt aircraft Civil 2002-
These are used as callsigns by ultralights actually registered in the microlight register (see below).The marks are allocated to the radio installation in the aircraft and may not be carried on the aircraft externally.
# F-KHxx Cambodia Civil 1929-1954
C # F-LAxx Laos Civil 1929-1954
# FL-xxx Vichy Government 1941
C # F-Mxxx France ALAT/Gendarmerie a/c Military
# F-Nxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1922
# F-Oxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1922
C # F-Oxxx France-outre-Mer Civil 1929-
Marks used for French overseas territories ,
most of which have long since become
independant states,These include
Grand Liban(Lebanon),Syria,
Issacoast& Affars(French Somaliland-now Djibouti)
# F-OMxx Martinique -1958
The three immediately below are still in use
C # F-ODxx New Caledonie Civil 1929-
C # F-OGxx Guadeloupe and Martinique Civil 1929-
C # F-OHxx Tahiti Civil 1929-
# FOTAN-(figs) NATO Aero Clubs in France Civil 1950/60s
# F-Pxxx France Civil 1939
C # F-Pxxx France CNRA Register-restricted CofAs ,
all amatuer built aircraft . Civil
C # F-Rxxx France Air Force Transport a/c Military
# F-Sxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1922
C # F-Sxxx France Air Force,Liason a/c Military
# FT-xxx Sudan Unconfirmed Civil 1956-?
# F-Txxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1922
C # F-Txxx France Air Force,Training a/c Military
# F-Uxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1929
C # F-Uxxx France Air Force,Fighter a/c Military
# F-VNxx Vietnam Civil 1929-1954
# F-Vxxx France Delivery Reg for Piper a/c Civil 1974-?
C # F-Wxxx France Experimental and Prototypes Civil
C # F-Xxxx France Aeronavale,operational a/c Military
# F-Yxxx France (occasional "fixed" marks) Civil 1922
C # F-Yxxx France Aeronavale,Communications a/c Military
C # F-Zxxx France Military Prototypes,C.E.V,DTI,
Protection Civile,Customs etc. Military
C # F-(dept No)-(xx) France, Microlights (EG: F-07-CS,F-21-ACK FK9-ELA). Civil 198?-
...the Nationality letter "F" is seldom carried
on micro/ultralights.
However see the F-Jxxx sequence above.
C # G-Axxx U.K.Included a/c from Bahrein,Gibraltar,Kuwait
until961,Cyprus until 1952,TransJordan until
Muscat and Oman until 1973 Civil 1929-
By 1972 the initial,very rigorously maintained
block had reached G-AZZZ,
Since then more or less any four letter
is allowed within the range G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ
However(with a few exceptions) a previously used
reg'n can not be reallocated .Letter"Q" not used
In the early days of Concorde
operations by British Airways,as a matter of
convenience to satisfy the US authorities,who
were reluctant to allow operation into
the US of non-US reg'd supersonic aircraft,
the Concordes were registered both in the
US and UK and carried the marks thus GN-94AC etc.
# G-AUxx Australia Civil 1919-1929
# G-Cxxx Canada Civil 1919-1929
# G-Exxx Great Britain and Northern Ireland(U.K.)
Civil 1919-1929
# G-Fxxx U.K.Airships Civil 1929-193?
# G-Gxxx U.K. Gliders
Used only a small number of times Civil 1929-?
times.British gliders do not normally carry
conventional reg'ns,using instead a number
allotted by the British Gliding Assoc,known
as the BGA No.(EG: BGA.1765).A very small
number received registrations within the
normal G-Axxx block during the early 50s
However, commencing in 2005 gliders are once
again registered with the CAA, but this
time within the normal G-xxxx blocks.
with the exception of approx 275 exempt aircraft).
# GH-(figs) UK Air Cushion Vehicles 1972-
# G-Ixxx India Civil 1919-1928
# G-Kxxx Kenya ,Allocated , not used, Civil 1919-1929
C # G-Mxxx UK Microlites.System full. 1981-1998
continued in main sequence
# G-N(figs)xx UK Civil 1979-?
Convenience registration of BA Concordes to
conform with US requirements for SST flight into USA
# G-NZxx New Zealand Civil 1919-1929
# G-UAxx Union of South Africa Civil 1919-1929
# G-W(figs) UK-Ferry Marks reportedly used once at least in May 1927 on a DH.60(c/n 374) for delivery flight Croydon-Berlin as G-W101 .
C # G-(figs)-(figs) UK Class "B" reg'ns.Used by manufacturers etc
for test flying , deliveries etc
FULL LIST BELOW Civil 1948- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BRITISH CLASS B REGISTRATIONS Pre- 1st Jan 1948
The very first system of "class B" registrations used during 1917/18,
was really a quasi-military system .The letter "X" followed by a figure
was used for non-government funded private venture prototypes.The system
reached X25 before going out of use.
The system in use from 23rd December 1923 until 1st Jan 1948
consisted of a letter allocated to the aircraft manufacturer,followed
by a number(Most manufacturers started with "1" - moving forward
From 17th Oct 1940,the registrations were required to be expanded to
have 5 digits.The first figure after the initial letter had to be a 0,
the last three digits could be any combination of figures,excluding 0 or 1
(to avoid confusion with the letters I or O).
When WW2 finished most users reverted to the shorter form .
On 1st Jan 1948 the current system (G-1- etc.) came into use.
Allocations to Manufacturers in the first(letter prefix) system are
shown below.Unless otherwise shown the allocation was made on 23-12 1929
and used until 1-1-48 when the new system started .
A Armstrong Whitworth
B Blackburn
C Boulton Paul
D Bristol Aeroplane. not taken up-used "R" instead
D Cunliffe Owen Aircraft Co.Not taken up -used "Y" instead
D Portsmouth Aviation .From 1947
E De Haviland
F Fairey
G Gloster Aircraft
H Handley Page.
I Hawker Aircraft
J Goerge Parnelll and Co.Cancelled 1946
J Reid And Sigrist .From 1947
K A V Roe
L Saunders Roe Ltd
M Short Bros
N Supermarine
O Vickers(Aviation)Ltd
P Westland Aircraft Co.
R Bristol Aeroplane Co.
S Spartan Aircraft.from 30-08-30 to 29-02-36
S Heston Aircraft Ltd. from 15-05-36
T General Aircraft Ltd.from 08-05-33
U Phillips & Powis (Miles) from 05-02-34
V Airspeed Co.from 27-06-34
W G & J Wier Ltd .from 08-05-33 to 1946
X Percival Aircraft .from 21-01-36
Y British Aircraft Manufacturing Ltd .from 1936 to 1938
Y Cunliffe Owen Aircraft Co.from 28-10-40
Z Auster Aircraft .from 12-01-46
AB Slingsby Sailplanes.from 1947
UK Class "B" Manufacturers Allocations since 1-1-48
# G-1- Armstrong-Whitworth.Later Hawker Siddely Avn 1948-1967
# G-1- Rolls Royce(Bristol Engine Div'n) 1967-
# G-2- Blackburn Aircraft.Later Hawker Siddely Avn 1948-
# G-3- Boulton-Paul 1948-1973
# G-4- Portsmouth Aviation Co 1948-1949
# G-4- Miles Aviation and Transport 1969-
# G-5- De Havilland.Hawker Siddely Avn from 1965 1948-
# G-6- Fairey.To Westland from 1960 1948-1969
# G-7- Gloster Aircraft 1948-1961
# G-7- Slingsby Sailplanes 1971-
# G-8- Handley Page 1948-1970
# G-08-* Bae Systems(Operations)LTD.Prestwick current 2007
# G-9- Hawker Aircraft 1948-
# G-10- Reid and Sigrist Ltd PNU 1948-1953
# G-11- A V Roe and Co ,Hawker Siddely from 1963 1948-
# G-12- Saunders Roe Ltd(SARO).Westlands 1960,BHC 1966. 1948-1967
# G-13- not allocated
# G-14- Short Bros 1948-
# G-15- Supermarine(became Vickers-Armstrong) 1948-1968
# G-16- Vickers Aviation, to BAC 1964 1948-
# G-17-* Westland Aircraft 1948-
# G-18- Bristol Aeroplane Co, to BAC 1964 1948-1975
# G-19- Heston Aircraft Ltd PNU 1948-1960
# G-20- General Aircraft Ltd PNU 1948-1949
# G-21- Miles Aircraft,became Handley Page 1948 1948-1963
# G-22- Airspeed division of De Havilland 1948-1952
# G-23- Percival/Hunting ,to BAC 1964 1948-1966
# G-24- Cunliffe-Owen PNU 1948-1949
# G-25- Auster Aircraft,>Beagle Auster Aircraft 1961 1948-1962
# G-26- Slingsby Sailplanes 1948-1949
# G-27- English Electric,to BAC 1964 1948-
# G-28- British European Airways,to BA Helicopters 1948-
# G-29- D Napier and Sons 1948-1962
# G-30- Pest Control.later Fisons Pest Control 1955 1948-1957
# G-31- Scottish Aviation 1948-
# G-32- Cierva Autogiro Ltd PNU 1948-1951
# G-33- Flight Refuelling Ltd 1948-1972
# G-34- Chrislea Aircraft Ltd PNU 1948-1952
# G-35- F G Miles Ltd,became Beagle Aircraft 1961 1951-1970
# G-36-* Cranfield Aerospace Ltd 1954-
# G-37 Rolls Royce Ltd 1954-1971
# G-38- De Havilland Propellers,to H S Dynamics PNU 1954-1975
# G-39- Folland Aircraft Ltd,to H S Aviation 1963 1954-1975
# G-40- Wiltshire School of Flying ?-?c 1956
# G-41- Aviation Traders 1956-1976
# G-42- Armstrong Siddely Motors Ltd 1956-1959
# G-43- Edgar Percival Aircraft Ltd 1956-1959
# G-44- Agricultural Aviation Co. 1959-1959
# G-45- Bristol Siddely Engines Ltd 1959-1969
# G-46- Saunders- Roe Ltd,became Westland Aircraft 1960 1959-1962
# G-47- Lancashire Aircraft Co, 1960-?
# G-48- Westland Aircraft/Helicopters 1960-1969
# G-49- F G Miles Engineering Ltd PNU 1965-1969
# G-50- Alvis Ltd PNU 1967-1975
# G-51-* Britten-Norman(and successors) 1967-
# G-52-* Marshalls of Cambridge 1968-
# G-53- NDN Aircraft 1977-
# G-54- Cameron Balloons
# G-55- W.Vinten.Used on Libelle autogyro . 1986-
# G-56- Edgeley Aircraft ltd 1984 -
# G-57- Airship Industries 1985-
# G-58 Island Aircraft
# G-59- used on Kolb Twinstar III PFA 205-12110
G-MWWF prior to 4/10/91
# G-60- FR Aviation Ltd 1990-
# G-61- AMF Microlights- later Aviation Enterprises LTD
# G-62- Curtiss and Green Ltd
# G-63- Thunder and Colt Balloons
# G-64- Brooklands Aerospace Group PLC
# G-65- Solar Wings Aviation Ltd
# G-66- Aerial Arts Ltd
# G-67- Atlantic Engineering Ltd became Tenencia Ltd
# G-68-* Medway Microlights(Mr C Draper)
# G-69- Cyclone Airsports Ltd
# G-70- FLA Aerospace(Lovaux) Ltd
# G-71-* F R Aviation
# G-72- Lindstrand Balloons Ltd
# G-73- Aviation (Scotland) Ltd.(ARV)
# G-74- Fleaplanes UK Ltd
# G-75- Chichester Miles Consultants Ltd
# G-76-* Police Aviation Services Ltd
# G-77-* Thruster Air Services Ltd
# G-78-* Bristow Helicopters Ltd
# G-79-* McAlpine Helicopters Ltd(later Eurocopter UK Ltd )
# G-80-* British Microlight Aircraft Association
# G-81- Cooper Aerial Services
# G-82- European Helicopters Ltd
# G-83- Alan Mann Group(Engineering ) Ltd
# G-84- Intora- Firebird PLC
# G-85- CFM Aircraft Ltd
# G-86- Advanced Technologies Group Ltd
# G-87- CHC Scotia Ltd
# G-88- Air Hanson Engineering Ltd
# G-89-* Cosmik Aviation Ltd
# G-90- Fly Buy Ultralights Ltd -renamed...
# G-90- Aerosport Ltd
# G-91- Bella Aviation
# G-92-* Lindstrand Balloons
# G-93- P&M Aviation Ltd
# G-94- RotorSport UK Ltd
# G-95- YLAC
# G-96- ?
# G-97- ?
# G-98- ?
# G-99- Red Air
# G-A1-* Light Sport Aviation Ltd ?
# G-A2- The Light aircraft Company Ltd
"*" shown as current in the latest
Directory of CAA approved Organisations
The last part of the registration(the individual aircraft
identity) may be 1,2.3 or 4 figures.
Each user seems to please themselves.
Some use the a/c c/n.some allot a sequential number ,
and some use one number over and over again.
Presentation of the registration varies ,
sometimes with or without either or both hyphens
# GL-??? Greenland(unconfirmed report)
# H-xxxx Haiti Civil 1929-193?
C HAA-HAZ Hungary
C # HA-xxx Hungary Civil 1936-
C # HA-(figs)-(figs)Hungary.Microlights( EG:HA-22-55)
C # HA-Y-xxx Hungary Experimental aircraft Civil (2004)
Also used for Ultralights eg:HA-YSVB
C # HA-(Figs) Hungary Gliders Civil 1936-
C HBA-HBZ Switzerland
C # HB-xxx Switzerland Civil 1930-
C # HB-Bxx Switzerland Balloons Civil
C # HB-Ixx Switzerland Transport a/c Civil
C # HB-Vxx Switzerland Exec Jets Civil
C # HB-Xxx Switzerland Helicopters Civil
Experimental/Prototypes use HB-xxx-X
C # HB-(figs) Switzerland Gliders
C # HB-Lxx Liechtenstein Civil 1930-
C HCA-HDZ Ecuador
C # HC-xxx Ecuador Civil 1929- C # HC-U(figs) Ecuador Ultralights
C # HC-X-(figs) Ecuador Gyrocopters
C # HC-G(figs) Ecuador Balloons
C HEA-HEZ Switzerland
C HFA-HFZ Poland
C HGA-HGZ Hungary
# H-Hxxx Haiti Civil ?-1929
C # HH-xxx Haiti Civil 193?-
C # HH-(figs) Haiti Military
C # HIA-HIZ Dominican Republic
# HI-xxx Dominican Republic Civil 1929-?
C # HI-(figs) Dominican Republic(Also letter fig combinations
eg:HI-393CT Civil ?-
C HJA-HKZ Columbia
C # HJ-(figs) Columbia microlights 2006
C # HK-(figs)x Columbia Civil 1929-
Micro/Ultralights use ULA-fig-(3figs)
HLA-HMZ Japan reallocated
C HLA-HLZ Republic of Korea
C # HL-(figs) Republic of Korea Civil 1948- Aircraft in Korea are also allocated a "Radio Call Sign" eg: HLAKG(HL9290) HL9xxx Helicopters
S-(4 figs) Ultralights )
HLC(figs) Ultralights
# H-Mxxx Hungary Civil 1919-1936
C # HMAY(figs) Mongolia Civil 1945-
# H-Nxxx Netherlands & North East Indies Civil 1919-1929
C HOA-HPZ Panama
C # HP-(figs) Panama,also with up to 3 terminal letters(eg:HP-1605PST).Civil 1952-
C HQA-HRZ Honduras
C HR-xxx Honduras,also with figures
or both figs and letters Civil 1957-
C HSA-HSZ Thailand
# H-Sxxx Siam PNU ?-1929
C # HS-xxx Thailand from 1945-51 used final suffix (figs)
The 2 letters usually related to the operator
Civil 1929-
Ultralights use U-x(figs) EG U-A99 or( U/L helicopters) all figure marks EG 0234-001
C # HTA-HTZ Nicaragua
# HT-xxx used as test prefix in Singapore(when?)
C HUA-HUZ El Salvador
C HVA-HVZ Vatican City
C HWA-HYZ France
C HZA-HZZ Saudi Arabia
C # HZ-xxx Saudi Arabia(Hedjaz),
also with alpha-numeric suffixes Civil 1945-
eg; HZ-AA9 from 1976 or up to 4 assorted digits
C H2A-H2Z Cyprus
C H3A-H3Z Panama
C H4A-H4Z Solomon Islands
C # H4-xxx Solomon Islands Civil 1978-
C H6A-H7Z Nicaragua
C H8A-H9Z Panama
C # I-xxxx Italy and provinces
(included Libya 1929-1951) Civil 1919-
# I-W(figs) Italy .In 1928 6 Dornier Wals were registerd as
I-W100 etc. for delivery flights to Sebastopol.
C # I-(figs) Italy - Ultralights.There is some doubt whether these marks are allotted to the airframe or the aircraft Radio station(ie:equipment) also I-x(figs) to 4 digits
# IS-(figs) Russia Unofficial.Unconfirmed Civil 1991-1991
# ISLAND-(figs) Iceland Civil 1930-1937
# J-xxxx Japan Civil 1919-1945
From 1937 Government operated aircraft used J-Axxx.
J-Bxxx Mainland Japan
J-Cxxx Korea (from 1933)
J-COxx Japan Commercial
J-Dxxx Formosa(Taiwan) from 1934 ,br> J-Exxx Kwangtung(from 1929)
J-HUxx Training (1921-37) J-Kxxx "Special".
J-Txxx Training (1921-37)
C # JA(figs) Japan Civil 1952-
allocated thus-
JA0001-2000 Primary Gliders
JA2000-2999 Sailplanes
JA3000-4999 Single engined a/c
JA5001-5999 Twin piston a/c
JA6001-6999 4 Piston a/c
JA7001-7999 Piston engined helicopters
JA8001-8201 4 engine Jets
JA8301-8399 3 engine jets
JA8401-8499 Twinjets
JA8601-8699 Twin Turboprops
JA9000-9499 Turbojet Helicopters
JA9500-9999 Twin Turbojet Helicopters
JAA001- Balloons
Note that figures 04,09,42,44 49 not used as last two of reg'n
Recently special out-of-sequence marks with one or two
letter suffixes following 1,2 or 3 figures have started to appear
UPDATE:By 2009 figure/letter marks are now commonplace with 2 or 3 figs followed by 1 or 2 letters. The 6000 batch is in use by helicopters as the 7000 & 9000 batches are filling rapidly.
# JE-(figs) Japan Gyrocopters .Uncertain if in current use.
# JG-(figs) Japan used as prefix by some JGSDF a/c 1952-?
C # JQ(figs) Japan Experimental/Test a/c 1952-
C JTA-JVZ Mongolia
C # JUA-JUZ Mongolia(ICAO allocation)
C # JU-Figs Mongolia Civil(current 2005)
C JWA-JXZ Norway Mil (JUBWF reported 1967)

# JU Norwat C # JW-xxx Norway Some AF transports Military
C # JX-(figs) Japan ,Helicopters .
poss expt'l, uncertain if still in use.
C JYA-JYZ Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
C # JY-xxx Jordan Civil 1952-
C # JY-xx(fig) Jordan (EG:JY-HS2) Ultralights Civil
C JZA-JZZ Indonesia
# JZ-xxx Dutch East Indies(Guinea) Civil 1945-?
C J2A-J2Z Djibouti
C # J2-xxx Djibouti Civil ?-
C # J2-Mxx Djibouti Military ?-
C J3A-J3Z Grenada
C # J3-xxx Grenada Civil ?-
C J4A-J4Z Greece
C J5A-J5Z Guinea-Bissau
C # J5-xxx Guinea-Bissau Civil 1978-
C J6A-J6Z St.Lucia
C # J6-xxx St.Lucia Civil ?-
C J7A-J7Z Dominica
C J8A-J8Z St Vincent and the Grenadines
C # J8-xxx St Vincent and the Grenadines Civil ?-
# K(figs) Great Britain temporary system post WW1
Civil 1919-1919
# K-xxxx USA Used for A/c WT Callsigns,
poss only pre WW2.
One well known example was Amelia Earharts
Lockheed Electra NR16020/KHAQQ
# K-Axxx Kuwait Civil 1967-1968
# K-Axxx Congo Air Force temporary system Military ?-?
# K-Cxxx Costa Rica PNU Civil 1925-
# KA-xxx Katanga Civil/Military 1961-1963
# KH-xxx Cambodia Civil 1954-?
C? # KK-xxx Rep of Northern Cyprus Civil 2007- reported used on balloon KK-BYK , unofficial? C? # KKH-(figs) Rep of N. Cyprus Helicopters Civil 2007- # KS-xxx Finland Civil 193?-?
# KW-xxx Cambodia Civil 1954-?
C LAA-LNZ Norway
C # LA-(figs) Norway .Microlights 20??-
C # LA-(figs) Ukraine (Sport aircraft ) Civil 20??-
# L-Bxxx Czechoslovakia Civil 1919-192
# L-Gxxx Guatamala PNU Civil -1929
# LG-xxx Guatamala Civil 1929-29Oct48
# L-Lxxx Liberia Civil ?-?
# LI-xxx Liberia Civil 1929-1952
C # LN-xxx Norway Civil 1931-
# LL-xxx Latvia PNU Civil
C # LN-Gxx Norway Gliders Civil
C # LN-Oxx Norway Helicopters civil
C # LN-Yxx Norway Microlites civil
C LOA-LWZ Argentina
C # LQ-xxx Argentina VIP a/c & Military Callsigns 1939-
# LR-xxx Lebanon Civil 1944-1954
# LR-M(figs) Lebanon Military 1944-1954
C # LV-xxx Argentina Civil 1932-
LV-Pxx Delivery Reg'ns
LV-W/LV-X/LV-Y as above, no longer used as such
LV-X(figs) Experimental Prototypes
LV-X(3 figs) Microlight/Ultralights
LV-U(figs) Microlight/Ultralights
C LXA-LXZ Luxemburg
C # LX-xxx Luxemburg Civil 1946-
C LYA-LYZ Lithuania
# LY-(figs) Argentina Homebuilt a/c Civil ?-
C # LY-xxx Lithuania Civil 1929-1939
and 1991-
LY-Xxx = Utralights LY-(Figs) Gliders (?) LOD-(figs) Balloons.
C LZA-LZZ Bulgaria
C # LZ-xxx Bulgaria Civil 1929-
C # LZ-(figs) Bulgaria Civil -
C # LZ(figs) Bulgaria Class"B",
Gliders and some Military a/c Civil1929-
C L2A-L9Z Argentina
C MAA-MZZ United Kingdom
C # M-xxxx United Kingdom.Some Military a/c Callsigns
Military 193?-?
C # M-xxxx Isle of Man Civil 1st May 2007-
# MC-xxx Monte Carlo Civil 1929-1959
# MI(figs) Marshall Islands Civil 198?-1993
# M-Mxxx Spain Civil 1919-1929
# M-Cxxx Spain Civil 1919-1929
# MONGOL-(figs) Mongolia Civil 1945-?
# MPR-(figs) Mongolia Civil 1945-?
# MT-(figs) Mongolia Civil 1945-?
# M-Sxxx Mexico Civil 1919-1929
# MR-xxx Monte Carlo-Royal a/c. Civil early 1950s
# M-figs Manchuria Civil 1932-1945
Used with & without the M- prefix
# N-(figs) Norway Civil 1919-1929
# NM(Figs) Cuba Civil 1939-1945
# NP(figs) Philipines Civil ?-1945
# NPC(figs) Philipines CIvil 1939-1945
# N-xxxx USA Civil 1921-1929
Used only a few times(less than 50 in total)...
# N-Cxxx USA ,Canadian A/c in USUS owned in Canada
Civil 1921-1923
C # N(Figs)(letters)USA Civil 1929- Suffix of 1 to maximum 5 digits
comprising 1,2,3,4 figures
with 0,1 or 2letters,or 5 figures with no letters
Letters I and O not to be used.
The N prefix was often not shown on a/c until 1948,but a
qualifying letter following the N was often used.These
letters were-:
C Commercial(1929-1948)
L Limited(1946-1948
R Restricted (1946-1948)
S State-owned(1929-1937)
X Experimental(1929-1948)
G Glider(1929-1937)used C thereafter till 1948
In recent years ,many vintage aircraft have used the
prefixes for authenticity.
# O-Axxx Peru Civil 1919-1929
# OA-xxx Peru Civil 1929-1950
# O-Bxxx Belgium Civil 1919-1929
# OB-xxx-(figs) Peru Civil 1929-1964
C # OB-x-(figs) Peru Civil 1964-
C # OB-(figs) Peru(sometimes with letter at end Civil 199?-
C # Peru Microlights use UL-1-(figs)
# OD-xxx France Vichy Government Radio call signs 1940/41
C ODA-ODZ Lebanon
C # OD-xxx Lebanon Civil 1952-
C OEA-OEZ Austria
C # OE-xxx Austria Civil 1945-
OE-Fxx State owned a/c
OE-Xxx Helicopters
C # OE-(figs) Austria Gliders Civil 1945-
C OFA-OJZ Finland
C # OH-xxx Finland Civil 1933-
OH-figs Gliders
OH-Xxx Experimental OH-Hxx Helicopters OH-U(figs)Microlights OH-G(Figs)Gyrocopters
OKA-OLZ Czechoslovakia
C OKA-OLZ Czech Republic
C # OK-xxx Czech Republic Civil 1929-
C # OK-(figs) Czech Republic.3 figures = experimental
4 figures = gliders/balloons
C # OK-xxx-(figs) Czech Republic.Microlights
(alway includes letter U ,W or H EG:OK-YUU-52 ,OK-HHA-09
C OMA-OMZ Slovak Republic
C # OM-xxx Slovak Republic Civil 1992-
C # OM-xxxx Slovak Republic Ultralights Civil 200x- Alpha-numeric combinations to a total of 4 digits
C # OM-(figs) Slovak Republic Gliders Civil 1992-
C ONA-OTZ Belgium
C # OO-xxx Belgium Civil 1929-
C # OO-(figs) Belgium Restricted CofA Civil 1929-
C # OO-x-(figs) Belgium Microlites Civil
# OO-Cxx Belgian Congo Civil 1929-1960
C # 00-fig-xx Paramotors Civil 2018-
# O-Pxxx Peru PNU Civil -1929
C # OQ-xxx Belgium , Microlites etc. Civil 200?-
callsigns allocated to Pilot rather than aircraft
Also Balloon retrieval teams etc
C # OT-xxx Belgium A.F.Callsigns Military 1929-
C OUA-OZZ Denmark
C # OV-xxx Denmark A.F.callsigns Military 1929-
C # OY-xxx Denmark Civil 1929-
OY-Hxx Helicopters reg'ns containing "X" are sailplanes
C # Ultralights use a system of one or two figures - then up to 3 figs(EG: 9-109)No nationality prefix The prefixes are thus.. 7- Class P Motorised paragliders 8- = Class A(Trikes) 9- = Class B 10- = Class C(Gyrocopters)
C # OY-(figs) Denmark Primary Gliders Civil 1929-
OY-(4figs) Denmark Helicopters & Ultralights C # P-(figs) Korea(DPRK) Civil 198?-
C PAA-PIZ Netherlands
C # PA-xxx Netherlands Naval a/c Callsigns Military
# P-Bxxx Brazil Civil 1919-1932
C # PE-xxx Netherlands Air Force Callsigns Military
C # PH-xxx Netherlands Civil 1929-
C- # PH-(figs) Netherlands Gliders Civil 1929-
C # PH-(fig)x(fig) Netherlands Microlites Civil 198?-
C # PH-Zxx Used for test etc.
A brief historical synopsis of the Dutch register. H-Nxxx First register .Commenced Sept 13 1920.Closed Feb 28 1929. Private aircraft to have the letters following the H underscored. The four letters following the H should include a vowel. 114 aircraft registered in this sequence. PH-xxx Second Register .Commenced Feb 28 1929.Terminated Oct 1 1949. Initial registration categories were as below - however these were not rigorously maintained. PH-A** Aerobatic aircraft PH-AH* Balloons PH-B** Ballooons (post 1945) PH-C** Freight aircraft PH-H** Helicopters PH-N** Private aircraft PH-PB* Prince Bernhard PH-R** Dominies(DH89) PH-S** Special purpose aircraft PH-T** Airlines PH-U** Training aircraft PH-xxx Auxiliary Aviaton Register(3 aircraft only).Jan 7 1944 to Feb 4 1946,London. PH-xxx Third Register Oct 1 1949.After 1954 the categorisation by registration used in the Second register ceased. PH-1A1 and upwards -1981 new sequence for Ultra Light aircraft. PH-9Z9 and downwards - Paramotors , new sequence 2004 PH-1AA to 1AZ .UAVs from 28 Sept 2010 PH-X1A et seq Remote Aircraft Systems such as remote controlled Helicopters visible to the controller. PH-X2A et seq as above but operated out of view of the controller. ================================================================== # PI-(figs) Philippines Civil 1941-1975
PI-C(figs) for all a/c except state a/c which omit the "C"
C PJA-PJZ Netherlands Antilles
C # PJ-xxx Curacao Civil 1929-
C PKA-POZ Indonesia
# PK-xxx Dutch East Indies Civil 1929-1940
C # PK-xxx Indonesia Civil 1945-
# PL-xxx Poland Microlights Civil, status unknown
# PMxxx Netherlands reported on PBYs post war
C PPA-PYZ Brazil
# P-Pxxx Poland Civil 1919-1929
C # PP-xxx Brazil Civil 1929-
PP-Zxx Prototypes
C # PR-xxx Brazil Civil 200?-
C # PT-xxx Brazil (came into use in 1950) Civil 1929-
PT-Hxx Helicopters
PT-Pxx Gliders
C # PU-xxx Brazil Microlites, from 18 June 02
Also uses U + 4 figs.
C PZA-PZZ Surinam
C # PZ-xxx Surinam Civil 1929-
C P2A-P2Z Papua New Guinea
C # P2-xxx Papua New Guinea Civil 1974-
C P3A-P3Z Cyprus
C P4A-P4Z Aruba
C # P4-xxx Aruba Civil 198?-
C P5A-P9Z Korea (DPRK)
C RAA-RZZ Russia
# R-(figs) Argentina Civil 1919-1932
# R-Axxx Argentina Civil 1924-1929
# R- Russia Civil -1929
# R-(figs) Panama Civil 1929-1943
C # RA-(figs) Russia Civil 1992-
# RC-xxx Croatia Civil 1992-199?
C # RDPL-(figs) Laos Civil 1977-
C # UL-(figs) Laos Ultralights Civil 2011-
# RF-(figs) Russia,Light Aircraft/helicopters Civil 1991-
# RH-(figs?) Armenia Unofficial Civil 1991
# RI-(figs) Indonesia Air force Military 1948-?
# RI-(figs) Indonesia Civil 1948-1949
# RM-(figs) Moldava Civil 1991
C # RP-x(figs) Philippines Civil 1975-
# R-Rxxx Russia PNU Civil -1929
# RR-xxx(or figs) Russia Civil 1921-1929
# RR-xxx Lithuania UNCONFIRMED Civil 1929-1939
# RV-xxx Lithuania UNCONFIRMED Civil 1929-1939
# RV-xxx Persia Civil 1929-1944
# RX-(figs) Panama Civil 1929-1952
# RY-xxx Lithunia Civil 1929-1939
# R-Zxxx Lithunia UnConfirmed Civil 1929-1939
C SAA-SMZ Sweden
# S-Axxx Sweden Civil 1919-1929
# SA-xx-(figs) Saudi Arabia Civil 1948-?
NB :still in use on Royal a/c in 70s
C # SA-xxx Sweden Air Force callsigns Military
# SB-xxx Bangladesh Incorrect usage July 1971 only
C # SE-xxx Sweden Civil 1929-
SE--Dxx Jets
SE-Hxx Helicopters
SE-Jxx Helicopters
SE-Rxx Jets
SE-Sxx Gliders
SE-Txx Gliders
SE-Uxx Gliders
SE-Vxx Ultralights
SE-Xxx Restricted CofA
SE-Yxx Ultralights
SE-Zxx Balloons
SE-(figs) Prototypes
SE-x(figs) Delivery/ferry reg'ns
# S-Gxxx Greece Civil -1929
# SL-xxx Saarland Not used until 1953 Civil 1945-1959 # SL-(figs) Saarland Gliders
# SL-xxx Slovenia Civil 1992-1993
C SNA-SRZ Poland
# SN-xxx Sudan Civil 1929-1959
# S-Pxxx Panama Unconfirmed Civil -1929
# S-Pxxx Poland PNU Civil -1929
C # SP-xxx Poland Civil 1929-
SP-Yxx Utralights
C # SP-xxxx Poland Ultralights Civil 200?-
C # SP-(figs) Poland Gliders Civil 1929-
# SR-xxx Syria Civil 1948-? # SR-A-(figs) Syria Civil 1946-1952
C # ST-xxx Sudan Civil 1959-
C # SU-xxx Egypt Civil 1931-
C # SU-(figs) Egypt Gliders & Balloons Civil
SU-Z(figs) Military a/c(delivery flights?)
C SVA-SZZ Greece
C # SX-xxx Greece Civil 1929-
SX-Axx Private
SX-Bxx 2 engined aircraft
SX-Cxx 3 engined aircraft
SX-Dxx 4 engined aircraft
SX-Exx Government a/c
SX-Hxx Helicopters
# SY-(figs) Seychelles ..used at least once(SY-001 C560) Civil 2006
C S2A-S3Z Bangladesh
C # S2-xxx Bangladesh Civil 1971-
C # S3-xxx Bangladesh PNU
C S5A-S5Z Slovenia
C # S5-xxx Slovenia Civil 1993-
C # S5-(figs) Slovenia .Gliders Civil 1993-
Microlites use a wholly numerical system
of 2 figures,hyphen ,figures-however some have
been noted using S5-Pxx
C S6A-S6Z Singapore
C S7A-S7Z Seychelles
C # S7-xxx Seychelles Civil 1977-
C S8A-S8Z South Africa
C S9A-S9Z Sao Tome and Principe
C # S9-xxx Sao Tome and Principe Civil 1975-
C TAA-TCZ Turkey
C # TC-xxx Turkey Civil 1929-
Known to have used up to 7 digits in the past
EG: TC-THKAY TCTHK24.Now uses conventional
5 letter system
Ultralights use 2figs- 2 figs EG: 12-34
# T-Dxxx Denmark Civil 1919-1929
C TDA-TDZ Guatemala
C TEA-TEZ Costa Rica
C TFA-TFZ Iceland
C # TF-xxx Iceland Civil 1937-
C # TF-(figs) Iceland - Ultralights
C TGA-TGZ Guatemala
C # TG-xxx Guatemala Civil 29Oct48-
Known to have used up to 8 digits in the past
EG:TG-H-COK-CP,TG-AZI-36.Now uses conventional
5 letter system
C THA-THZ France
C TIA-TIZ Costa Rica
C # TI-xxx Costa Rica Civil 1929-
Used letters 1929-1945,then figures till '73,then
reverted to conventional 5 letter system
Ultralights use "UL" plus letter/figures.
C TJA-TJZ Cameroon
# T-Jxxx Cameroon Civil 1960-1960
# TJ-xxx Transjordan Civil 1946-1955
C # TJ-xxx Cameroon Civil 1960-
C # TJ-Xxx Cameroon Military a/c Military1960-
TKA-TZZ France and Colonies
C TKA-TKZ France
C TLA-TLZ Central African Republic
C # TL-xxx Central African Republic Civil 1960-
C # TL-Kxx Central African Republic Air Force Military1960-
C TMA-TMZ France
C # TN-xxx Congo Republic Civil 1960-
C # TN-Kxx Congo Republic Air Force Military1960-
C # TN-(figs) Congo Republic Air Force Military1960-
C TOA-TQZ France
C # TR-xxx Gabon Civil 1960-
C # TR-Kxx Gabon Air Force Military1960-
C TSA-TSZ Tunisia
# TS-xxx Saar Territory Unofficial Civil 1930-1931
C # TS-xxx Tunisia Civil 1960-
TS-Cxx Gliders
C # TT-xxx Chad Civil 1960-
C # TT-Kxx Chad Military a/c Military 1960-
C # TT-Lxx Chad Military a/c Military 1960-
C TUA-TUZ Ivory Coast
C # TU-xxx Ivory Coast Civil 1960-
C # TU-Vxx Ivory Coast Military a/c Military1960-
C TVA-TXZ France
C TYA-TYZ Benin (previously called Dahomey)
C # TY-Axx Benin Military1960-
C # TY-xxx Benin Civil 1960-
C # TZ-xxx Mali Civil 1960-
C # TZ-(figs) Mali Air Force Military 1971-
C T2A-T2Z Tuvalu
C # T2-xxx Tuvalu Civil 1978-
C T3A-T3Z Kiribati
C # T3-xxx Kiribati Civil 1979-
C T4A-T4Z Cuba
C T5A-T5Z Somali Republic
C T6A-T6Z Afghanistan
C T7A-T7Z San Marino
C # T7-xxx San Marino Civil
C # T7-Mxx Microlights Civil
C T8A-T8Z Palau
C # T8A-(figs) Palau Civil
C T9A-T9Z Bosnia and Herzegovina
According to the ITU this allocation
was withdrawn 7th August 2007
# T9-xxx Bosnia and Herzogovina Civil 1992-2008
# U-(figs) USSR Civil 1929-1944
# U-xxxx(figs) Brazil Microlights until June 2002
Replaced by PU-xxx
C # U-xxx Thailand Microlights( suffix=letter + 2 figures)
C UAA-UIZ Russian Federation
# UH-xxx Hedjaz(Saudi Arabia) Civil 1932-1944
C UJA-UMZ Uzbekistan
C # UK-(figs) Uzbekistan Civil 1991-
C # UL-(figs) Uzbekistan Ultralights (?) unconfirmed
# UL-xxx Luxemburg Civil 1929-1939
C # UL-xxx Iran Ultralights Civil 200x -
C # UL-figs Venezuala Ultralights (unconfirmed)
NB:The prefix "UL" seems to be in use by various countries on Ultralight/microlight aircraft.This use is apparently at odds with the ITU allocation of UL to Uzbekistan.
# UN-xxx Yugoslavia Civil 1929-1935
# UNO(figs) United Nation Aircraft ,sometimes written "ONU"
C UNA-UQZ Kazakstan
C # UN-(figs) Kazakstan- sometimes with 1 or 2 letters immediately after "UN-". Civil 31-01-08
C # UN-B(figs) Kazakstan(also suffix letters A,C,D,E,F,I,K,L,M,P,S,T,Y ) 200?-
C # UP-x(figs) Kazakstan(Sometimes 2 letters) Civil 200?-31Jan2008 Also used mixed sequence EG:UP-EC005,UP-K1111
C URA-UZZ Ukraine
C # UR-(figs) Ukraine Civil 1992-
Ultralights use *A-(4 figs)(*Cyrillic characters)
C # UR-xxx Ukraine( 3 & 4 letter suffixes) Civil 200?-
# URSS-(figs) USSR Civil 1929-1944
# USSR-(figs) USSR Civil 1929-1944
C VAA-VGZ Canada
# VC-xxx Canada RCAF Military 1947-1951
# VG-xxx Canada RCN Military 1947-1951
C VHA-VNZ Australia
C # VH-xxx Australia .
Also some paramilitary callsigns Civil 1929-
NB:Microlites do not use convential regns,instead
use a numerical system .EG: 28-1877
The first 2 figures denote applicable A.N.O.
[Air navigation Order] under which
it is registered, followed by a hyphen
and an individual a/c number.
The register was initially maintained by the
Australian Ultralight Federation
- since 2004 had been maintained by Recreational
Aircraft Australia.
At this time(July 2009) thev following prefixes are in use 10,19,28(Home-Builts),32,24,25,55(Factory built)
C # [VH]-G(figs) Australia ...autogyros/gyrocopters etc.The VH prefix has recently been apparently dropped.
C # VJ-xxx Australia R.Aust.Naval a/c Military
C # VM-xxx Australia RAAF a/c Military
C # VN-x-(figs) Vietnam Civil 1977-?
VN-A-(figs) Jets
VN-B-(figs) Turboprops
VN-C0(figs) Piston engined a/c VN-(figs) Helicopters
C VOA-VOZ Canada
# VO-xxx Newfoundland Civil 1929-1949
C VPA-VQZ United Kingdom,Territories,Colonies,Protectorates
# VP-Axx Gold Coast - Ashanti Civil 1929-1957
C # VP-Axx Angiulla Civil 2006-
# VP-Bxx Bahamas Civil 1929-1975
C # VP-Bxx Bermuda Civil 1-7-97-
# VP-Cxx Ceylon civil 1929-1948
C # VP-Cxx Cayman Is. Civil 1-7-97-
C # VP-Fxx Falkland Islands Civil 1929-
# VP-F-1 has been reported on a C172M.
# VP-Gxx British Guiana Civil 1929-1967
# VP-Hxx British Honduras Civil 1929-1966
# VP-Jxx Jamaica Civil 1929-1962
# VP-Kxx Kenya Civil 1929-1963
# VP-LAA to LJZ Leeward and Windward Is. Civil 1929-?
# VP-LKA to LLZ St Kitts and Nevis Civil 1929-1983
C # VP-LMA to LUZ Montserrat Civil 1929-
C # VP-LVA to LZZ British Virgin Is Civil 1929-
# VP-Mxx Malta Civil 1929-1968
C # VP-Mxx Montserrat Civil 1997(?)
# VP-Nxx Nyasaland Civil 1929-1953
# VP-PAA to PHZ Islands of the Pacific High Commission Solomon Is & New Hebides # VP-PIA to PPZ Gilbert & Ellice Is. # VP-PQA to PZZ British West Pacific Civil 1929-1979
# VP-Rxx Rhodesia Civil 1929-1953
# VP-Sxx Somaliland Civil 1929-1960
# VP-Txx Trinidad and Tobago Civil 1929-1962
# VP-Uxx Uganda Civil 1929-1962
# VP-Vxx St Vincent and Grenadines Civil 1929-1979
# VP-Wxx Wei-Hai-Wei Civil 1929-28.11.32
# VP-Wxx Rhodesia Civil 1963-?
# VP-Xxx Gambia Civil 1929-1945
# VP-Yxx Southern Rhodesia Civil 1929-1964
# VP-YZx Southern Rhodesia
Rhodesian Air Force Military1929-?
# VP-Zxx Zanzibar Civil 1929-1964
VQA-VQZ United Kingdom-Prefix used for shipping in 21st century
# VQ-Bxx Barbados Civil 1929-1968
C # VQ-Bxx Bermuda Civil 2008-
# VQ-Cxx Cyprus Civil 1952-1960
# VQ-Fxx Fiji Civil 1929-1972
# VQ-Gxx Grenada Civil 1929-1974
# VQ-Hxx St.Helena & Ascension Civil 1929-
# VQ-Lxx St.Lucia Civil 1929-1979
# VQ-Mxx Mauritius Civil 1929-1970
# VQ-Nxx Gold Coast (North) Civil 1929-
# VQ-Pxx Palestine Civil 1929-1948
# VQ-Sxx Seychelles Civil 1929-1976
# VQ-Txx Togo (British Togoland) Civil 1929-
C # VQ-Txx Turks & Caicos Islands Civil 1997(?)-
# VQ-Uxx Burma Civil 1929-
# VQ-Vxx Burma (reservation)
# VQ-Xxx British Cameroons Civil 1929-
# VQ-ZEA to ZDZ Basutoland Civil 1929-1967
# VQ-ZEA to ZHZ Bechuanaland Civil 1929-1968
# VQ-ZIA to ZIZ Swaziland Civil 1929-1971
# VQ-ZJA to ZZZ Swaziland Civil 1970-1971
VRA-VRZ United Kingdom,
Territories,Colonies and Protectorates 1929 -1997
C VRA-VRZ China and Hong Kong 1-7-1997 -
# VR-Axx Aden Civil 1939-1969
# VR-Bxx Bermuda *** Civil 1939-1997
# VR-Cxx Cayman Is.*** Civil 1939-1997
***On 1 July 1997 the Cayman Islands and Bermudan registration
prefixes were changed to VP-Cxx and VP-Bxx and the prefix VR-Axx to VR-Qxx
was reallocated to the PR China.
# VR-Gxx Gibraltar Civil 1929-1939
# VR-Hxx Hong Kong Civil 1929-1997
# VR-Jxx Johore Civil 1929-1963
# VR-Kxx Kedah Civil 21:5:32 -
# VR-Lxx Sierra Leone Civil 1929-1961
# VR-Nxx Nigeria/British Camerouns Civil 1929-1961
# VR-Oxx North Borneo Civil 1929-196?
# VR-Qxx Johore.Allotted then cancelled Civil 1929-1929
Contravened I.C.A.N. Rules re
use of "Q" in 3 letter groups.
# VR-Rxx Malaya Civil 1929-1963
# VR-Sxx Singapore Civil 1929-1965
# VR-Txx Tanganyika Civil 1929-1964
# VR-Uxx Brunei Civil 1929-1963
# VR-Wxx Sarawak Civil 1929-1963
C VSA-VSZ United Kingdom,Territories,Colonies,Protectorates
C VTA-VWZ India(Included Pakistan and Burma until 1948)
C # VT-Axx India Civil 1929-
VT-Xxx Experimental a/c
VT-Gxx Gliders
VT-Uxx Ultralights
C # VU-xxx India Air Force a/c callsigns Military
C VXA-VYZ Canada
C VZA-VZZ Australia
C V2A-V2Z Antigua and Barbuda
C # V2-xxx Antigua and Barbuda Civil 1981-
C V3A-V3Z Belize
C # V3-xxx Belize Civil 1966-
C V4A-V4Z St.Kitts and Nevis
C # V4-xxx St.Kitts and Nevis Civil 1983-
C V5A-V5Z Namibia
C # V5-xxx Namibia Civil V5-Hxx Helicopters V5-Uxx Ultra Lights
C V6A-V6Z Micronesia
C # V6-(figs)xx Micronesia(EG:V6-01FM) Civil 200?-
C V7A-V7Z Marshall Islands
V7-xxx Marshall Islands Civil 199?-
V7-(figs) Marshall Islands Civil 200?-
C V8A-V8Z Brunei
C # V8-xxx Brunei Civil
C # V8-(figs) Brunei are also used Civil
C # V8-xx(Fig) Brunei are also used Civil
# W-xxxx USA Used as WT callsigns by a small number of
aircraft in the 40s Civil? 1945-194?
# WL-xxxx Germany, Mil operated civil a/c was also used in the format WL-(Roman figs)-(figs) on gliders -1945
# X-xxxx China Civil 1919-1929
XGA-XIZ China reallocated
C XAA-XIZ Mexico
# X-Axxx Mexico Civil 1919-1939
C # XA-xxx Mexico Commercial a/c Civil 1939-
# X-Bxxx Mexico Civil 1919-1939
C # XB-xxx Mexico Private a/c Civil 1939-
Ultraliights noted using XB-Hxx
C # Mexico Ultralights also use UL-(figs)
# X-Cxxx China Civil 1929
C # XC-xxx Mexico Government a/c Civil 1939-
Some aircraft recently noted using
XC-xx followed by two Figures (EG XC-AA70)
# X-Hxxx Honduras Civil 1929-?
# XH-xxx Honduras Civil ?-1957
C XJA-XOZ Canada
C XPA-XPZ Denmark
# X-Sxxx Yugoslavia Civil 1919-1929
C XTA-XTZ Burkino Faso
XTA-XTZ Wei-Hai-Wei
# XT-xxx China (also used XT-(figs) Civil 1929-1949
# XT-(figs) China- Peoples Republic Civil 1949-1958?
C # XT-xxx Upper Volta/Burkino Faso Civil 1960-
C # XT-Mxx Upper Volta/Burkino Faso Military 1960-
C XUA-XUZ Cambodia Civil 1954-
C # XU-xxx/(figs) Cambodia/Kampuchea Civil 1955-
C XVA-XVZ Vietnam
# XV-xxx Vietnam Civil 1954-197?
# XV-Fxx Vietnam Military Callsigns 1954-197?
XWA-XWZ France reallocated
# XW-xxx Laos Civil 1954-?
C XXA-XXZ Portugal- reallocated as below
C XXA-XXZ Macao Allotted 2/2/2005
C XYA-XZZ Burma/Myanmar
C # XY-xxx Burma/Myanmar Civil 1940-
C # Burma/Myanmar,microlites use U-letter/figs
C YAA-YAZ Afghanistan
C # YA-xxx Afghanistan.
Used letter/fig combination,then letters.
Civil 1929-
C # YA-(figs) Afghanistan -Helicopters using YA +5 figures noted in recent other info
YBA-YHZ Dutch East Indies
C YBA-YHZ Indonesia
# YEMEN-xxx Yemen Civil -1955
# YE-(figs) Yemen later used YE-xxx letters Civil 1955-1969
C # YI-xxx Iraq Civil 1932-
YI-Zxx Delivery Flights
C # YI-figs Military Drones..Iraq
C YJA-YJZ New Hebrides/Vanuatu
C # YJ-xxx New Hebrides/Vanuatu Civil 1929-
C # YJ-xx(fig fig) New Hebrides/Vanuatu (EG YJ-RV19) Civil 200x-
YKA-YKZ USSR Reallocated
C # YK-xxx Syria Civil 1952-
C YLA-YLZ Latvia
# YL-xxx Latvia Civil 1929-1939
# YL-(fig fig) Latvia Gliders Civil 1929-1939
C # YL-xxx Latvia Civil 1992-
# Y-Mxxx Danzig Civil 1919-1929
# YM-xxx Danzig Civil 1929-1939
YMA-YMZ East Germany reallocated
C YMA-YMZ Turkey
C YNA-YNZ Nicaragua
# YN-xxx Nicaragua Civil 1929-1936
C # YN-xxx Nicaragua Civil 1982-
C YOA-YRZ Romania
C # YR-xxx Romania Civil 1929- # YR-(figs) Romania Helicopters
C # YR-(figs) Romania Gliders Civil 1929-
C YSA-YSZ El Salvador
C # YS-xxx El Salvador.
In 30s changed to figure suffix,later to
mixture of figs/letters EG:YS-01C Civil 1929-
# YT-xxx Tadjikstan Unofficial Civil 1991
C YTA-YUZ Yugoslavia to Serbia 11/05/2007
C # YU-xxx Yugoslavia Civil 1935-
YU-Hxx Helicopters
C # YU-(figs) Yugoslavia Gliders Civil 1935-
C # YU-M(figs) Yugoslavia Motor Gliders Civil ?-
C YVA-YWZ Venezuala
C # YV-xxx Venezuala Used letters 1929-193?,
then a system using both
letters and figures in various combinations.EG:
YV-C-MOP-12,YV-T-TA7.In 1975 changed to
using figures with/without a letter suffix EG: YV-1020C.YV-114CP
. Civil 1929-
YXA-YYZ USSR reallocated
C YXA-YYZ Venezuala
YZA-YZZ USSR reallocated
C YZA-YZZ Yugoslavia Allocation withdrawn 15/5/2007
YZA-YZZ ITU not allocated
C Y2A-Y9Z Germany Originally East Germany
# Z-xxxx Lithuania Civil 1919-1929
C # Z-xxx Zimbabwe Civil ?-
C ZAA-ZAZ Albania
C # ZA-xxx Albania Civil 194?-
C ZBA-ZJZ United Kingdom
C # ZJA-ZJZ Jersey Civil Sep 2014-
(first use 1 Oct 20-15) C ZKA-ZMZ New Zealand
C # ZK-xxx New Zealand Civil 1929-
ZK-AMA-AMZ Marine a/c
ZK-Gxx Gliders
ZK-Hxx/Ixx Helicopters
ZK-Nxx NZNAC a/c
ZK-Rxx Gyrocopters
Hang Gliders/paramoters use a 3 digit "figsxX system Aircraft which are incapable of trans-oceanic
flight do not have
to show the National ZK prefix
# ZM-xxx New Zealand,
used for Pou-de Ciels during the 1930s,Civil 193?
C # ZM-xxx New Zealand RNZAF/RNZN a/c callsigns. Military 1945-1960s
C ZNA-ZOZ United Kingdom
C ZPA-ZPZ Paraguay
C # ZP-xxx Paraguay Civil 1929- ZP-Hxx Helicopters
C ZQA-ZQZ United Kingdom
C ZRA-ZUZ South Africa
C # ZS-xxx South Africa Civil 1931-
ZS-xxx-X Restricted/no C of A
ZS-Hxx Helicopters
ZS-Xxx Delivery Marks(?)
ZS-Gxx Gliders
# ZS-(figs) South Africa- two examples only known
ZS-38 & ZS40 Both Slingsby Gliders
C # ZT-xxx South Africa Civil 2018 ,br> C # ZT-Gxx South Africa , Gliders Civil 2018-
# ZU-xxx South Africa Civil 1931-?
C # ZU-xxx South Africa Mainly used by "preserved"
and vintage a/c or
Ultralight a/c. 199?-
C ZVA-ZZZ Brazil
C Z2A-Z2Z Zimbabwe
C Z3A-Z3Z Macedonia
C # Z3-xxx Macedonia Civil 199?- Z3-Hxx Helicopters
Z3-UA-figs Microlights C Z6-xxx Kosova Unofficial ? used from 17 Sep 2012 by amateur radio.
C # Z8A-Z8Z South Sudan Republic(from 23 FEb 2012)
C 2AA-2ZZ United Kingdom
C # 2AA-2ZZ Guernsey Civil 2013-
C 3AA-3AZ Monaco
C # 3A-xxx Monaco Civil 1959-
3BA-3BZ Canada reallocated
C 3BA-3BZ Mauritius
C # 3B-xxx Mauritius Civil 1968-
C 3CA-3CZ Equitorial Guinea
C # 3C-xxx Equitorial Guinea Civil 1972-
C 3DA-3DM Swaziland/Eswatini
C # 3D-xxx Swaziland/Eswatini Civil 1975-
C 3DN-3DZ Fiji
C 3EA-3FZ Panama
C 3GA-3GZ Chile
C 3HA-3UZ China
C 3VA-3VZ Tunisia
C 3WA-3WZ Vietnam
# 3W-xxx Vietnam Civil 1954-1959
C 3XA-3XZ Republic of Guinea
C # 3X-xxx Republic of Guinea Civil 1958-
C # 3X-Kxx Republic of Guinea Military 1958-
C 3YA-3YZ Norway
C 3ZA-3ZZ Poland
C 4AA-4CZ Mexico
C 4DA-4IZ Philippines
C 4JA-4KZ Azerbaijan
C # 4K-(figs) Azerbaijan Civil 1992-
C # 4K-xx(Figs) Azerbaijan Civil 2000(?)-
C # 4K-xxx Azerbaijan(used only twice) Civil
C 4LA-4LZ Georgia
C # 4L-figs) Georgia Civil 1992-
C # 4L-xxx Georgia Civil 2005(?)-
C 4MA-4MZ Venezuala
C 4NA-4OZ Yugoslavia ...Reallocated
4NA-4NZ Presently unallocated
C 4OA-4OZ Montenegro from May 2007
C # 40-xxx Serbia & Montenegro from May 2007
C 4PA-4SZ Sri Lanka
C # 4R-xxx Sri Lanka Civil 1954-
C 4TA-4TZ Peru
C 4UA-4UZ United Nations
C 4VA-4VZ Haiti
# 4W-xxx South Yemen/Yemen Arab Republic Civil 1969-2000
C 4W- East Timor /Timor Leste 2000-
C 4WA-4WZ United Nations
C 4XA-4XZ Israel
C # 4X-xxx Israel Civil 1948-
4X-Gxx Gliders
4X-Bxx Helicopters
4X-Hxx Microlights
4X-(Figs)Gliders , plus one example on a powered aircraft 4X-970 DH 89A.
C # 4X-Fxx Israel Air Force Callsigns Military 1948-
C 4YA-4YZ International Civil Aviation Organization
# 4YB-xxx Jordan-Iraq Confederation Agency,
Used twice in late 70s,Allocation still current
2007 for use by operating agency"Arab Air Cargo"
C 4ZA-4ZZ Israel
C 5AA-5AZ Libya
C # 5A-xxx Libya civil 1951-
C 5BA-5BZ Cyprus
C # 5B-xxx Cyprus Civil 1960-
5B-Hxx - Micro Lights.
C 5CA-5GZ Morocco
# 5C-xxx Equitorial Guinea Civil 1978-1978
C 5HA-5IZ Tanzania
C # 5H-xxx Tanzania Civil 1964-
C 5JA-5KZ Columbia
C 5LA-5MZ Liberia
C 5NA-5OZ Nigeria
C # 5N-xxx Nigeria Civil 1961-
During the Biafra conflict various
false markes were used
EG:5N- fig fig letter(EG 5N83H Constellation)
C 5PA-5QZ Denmark
C 5RA-5SZ Madagascar
C # 5R-xxx Madagascar Civil 1960-
C # 5R-Mxx Madagascar Military 1960-
C 5TA-5TZ Mauritania
C # 5T-xxx Mauritania Civil 1960-
C # 5T-Mxx Mauritania Military 1960-
C 5UA-5UZ Niger
C # 5U-xxx Niger Civil 1960-
C # 5U-Mxx Niger Military 1960-
C 5VA-5VZ Togo
C # 5V-xxx Togo Civil 1960-
C # 5V-Mxx Togo Military 1960-
C 5WA-5WZ Western Samoa
# 5W-xxx Western Samoa Civil 1962-
C 5XA-5XZ Uganda
C # 5X-xxx Uganda Civil 1962-
C 5YA-5ZZ Kenya
C # 5Y-xxx Kenya Civil 1963-
C # 5Z-xxx Kenya Military 1963-
C 6AA-6BZ Egypt
C 6CA-6CZ Syria
C 6DA-6JZ Mexico
C 6KA-6NZ Korea
C 6OA-6OZ Somalia
# 6OS-xxx Somalia Civil 1960-1971
C # 6O-xxx Somalia Civil 1971-
C 6PA-6SZ Pakistan
C 6TA-6UZ Sudan
C 6VA-6WZ Senegal
C # 6V-xxx Senegal Civil 1960-
C # 6W-xxx Senegal MIlitary
C 6YA-6YZ Jamaica
C # 6Y-xxx Jamaica Civil 1962-
C 6ZA-6ZZ Liberia
C 7AA-7IZ Indonesia
C 7JA-7NZ Japan
C 7OA-7OZ Yemen Republic(previously called South Yemen)
C # 7O-xxx Yemen Republic
previously called South Yemen) Civil 1969-
C 7PA-7PZ Lesotho
C # 7P-xxx Lesotho Civil 1967-
C 7QA-7QZ Malawi
C # 7Q-xxx Malawi Civil 1964-
C 7RA-7RZ Algeria
C 7SA-7SZ Sweden
C 7TA-7YZ Algeria
C # 7T-xxx Algeria Civil 1962-
C # 7T-Wxx Algeria Military 1962-
C 7ZA-7ZZ Saudi Arabia
C 8AA-8IZ Indonesia
C 8JA-8NZ Japan
C 8OA-8OZ Botswana
C 8PA-8PZ Barbados
C # 8P-xxx Barbados Civil 1968-
C 8QA-8QZ Maldives
C # 8Q-xx-(figs) Maldives Civil 1976-
C 8RA-8RZ Guyana
C # 8R-xxx Guyana Civil 1967-
C 8SA-8SZ Sweden
C 8TA-8YZ India
C 8ZA-8ZZ Saudi Arabia
9AA-9AZ San Marino reallocated
C 9AA-9AZ Croatia
# 9A-xxx Croatia Civil
C # 9A-Dxx Croatia Motorgliders Civil 200?-
C # 9A-Uxx Croatia Ultralights Civil 200?-
C # 9A-(figs) Croatia Gliders Civil 200?-
C # 9C-xxx Croatia Civil 1992-
C 9BA-9DZ Iran
C 9EA-9FZ Ethiopia
C 9GA-9GZ Ghana
C # 9G-xxx Ghana Civil 1957-
9G-Hxx Helicopters
C # 9G-Sxx Ghana Air Force call signs Military 1957-
C 9HA-9HZ Malta
C # 9H-xxx Malta Civil 1968-
C # 9H-Uxx Malta.Microlights
C 9IA-9JZ Zambia
C # 9J-xxx Zambia Civil 1964-
C # 9J-Wxx Zambia Air Force a/c Military 1964-
C 9KA-9KZ Kuwait
C # 9K-xxx Kuwait Civil 1961-
C 9LA-9LZ Sierra Leone
C # 9L-xxx Sierra Leone Civil 1961-
C 9MA-9MZ Malaysia
C # 9M-xxx Malaysia Civil 1963-
9M-Exx Kitplanes 1997-
9M-Uxx Microlites
# 9M-Bxx Malaysia Military a/c Military
# Three uses of 9M-figsX noted EG:9M-0110A As355F1.
C # 9M-Exx Malaysia Military a/c Military
C 9NA-9NZ Nepal
C # 9N-xxx Nepal Civil 1961-
# 9N-xx-(figs) Nepal Royal Flight a/c 1961-
C 9OA-9TZ Congo Republic(Zaire)
# 9O-xxx Congo(Leopoldville) Civil 1961-1962
C # 9Q-xxx Congo Republic Civil 1963-
# 9R-xxx Mozambique Civil 1975 only
C # 9T-xxx Congo Republic
Military a/c,(Helicopters use a mixed
figure and letter suffix Military 1963-
C 9UA-9UZ Burundi
# 9U-xxx Ruanda Civil 1962-1965
C # 9U-xxx Burundi not used until Civil 1965-
C 9VA-9VZ Singapore
C # 9V-xxx Singapore Civil 1965- # Two uses of 9V-figsX noted - B747s 9V-0112A and 9V-0112B .
C 9WA-9WZ Malaysia
C 9XA-9XZ Rwanda
C # 9XR-xx Rwanda(previously known as Ruanda and Burundi)
Civil 1965-
9YA-9ZZ Trinidad and Tobago
C # 9Y-xxx Trinidad and Tobago Civil 1962-
Mainland China ,for many years after WW2 ,
used a numerical system with no prefix.
As Chinese aircraft were
seldom seen outside China,a prefix was not needed .

North Korea used a similar system in the 50s and 60s

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