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	HMS EAGLE.(noted at Portsmouth during 1954)
Sea Hornet NF.21.809Sqadron
VW946/J481         VW947/J482      VW953/J484
VW955/J483         VW958/J485      VW440/J486
VW961/J488         VW959/J489      VW954/J487
Skyraider AEW.1
WT944/J301         WT945/J302       WT946/J303
WT948/J307         WT949/J308       WT951/J309
WT954/J310         WT950/J311       WT953/J313
WT952/J312         WT956/J314       WT955/J315
(Ibsley VOR was located 50 53 37N/01 44 54W close to the
disused IBSLEY Airfieldand was a reporting point on Red 1)
1st :1340:G-ASDJ C.310 inbound Hurn
3rd:1502N:PH858 Avro Anson RAF.
      1550:G-APNA Britannia .British United,inbound Hurn
      1834:37838 C-130E,USAF/MAC inbound Mildenhall
4th:1900N:6707 Dc-6 Portuguese Air Force
6th:1555N:F-BHMR Dc-6,UTA
15th:1939S:G-APOP Viking.
16th:1010S:LN-KLN Se-210,SAS
       1016S:F-BGTY Dc-6
       1820S:PH-FSK F-27
17th:0910N:F-BJTG Se210 Air France
       1140N:EC-BCH Dc-7 TASSA
       1240N:N4904C Dc-8 Capitol  A/L
18th:1052S:F-BHRR Se-210 Air France
19th :0920S:XF798 Pembroke C1 RAF
        1008S:G-ALAL L-749 Constellation Ace Freighters
        1600:SE-EZN Pa-30,inbound Hurn
20th:1047S:HB-VAM Learjet 23
       1048S:F-BJTE Se-210 Air France
       1103S:XS603 Andover C1.RAF
21st:0903E:G-ANWK Br-170 Mk31 .BUA,inbound Eastliegh
       0912N:F-BLLG SFERMA Marquis inbound Hurn
       1057N:F-BHRM Se-210,Air France
23rd:1012S:G-AGHJ,Dc-3 Autair
24th:1418W:XN822 Heron inbound Hurn
       1545E:N6362U Aero Commander ,ex Hurn 
26th:1335W:XB286 Beverly C1 RAF, inbound Hurn
       1435N:SE+505 Pembroke.West German AF
       1454NE:F-BASX Deux Ponts,Air France
       1716E (low-level):XS168 Hiller HT2,RN,e/r to Lee on Solent.
28th:1506N:G-ASXO Argosy BEA
       1736S:F-BLLY SFERMA Marquis,e/r Bristol to Orly  
       1902S:F-BASU Deux Ponts Air France
BOURNEMOUTH HURN,Visitors April 1962
9th:KP221 C-47A RCAF
      PH-VLC Dove 1B,Martins Air Charter
15th:HB-IEK Ambassador ,Globe Air.
17th:G-APIR Twin Pioneer 1,Iraq etroleum Co.
19th:LN-FOR C-46,Fred Olsen
23rd:D-IGOG Aztec B,
30th HB-GOD Beech Travelair,Transair.					
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