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	                                PORTSMOUTH AIRPORT 1960				
During the 50s and 60s Portsmouth was a busy airfield with a varied population of aircraft.					
The list below shows those aircraft known to have been present  in late 1960.					
Portsmouth Aero Club					
G-AJIS	J/1n Alpha		G-APAR	J/1N Alpha	
G-AJSL	Rapide		        G-AMHF	Tiger Moth	
G-AKDF	Messenger		G-ARUG	Autocar	
Flying Farmers					
G-APUY	Turbulent		G-APYR	Super Cub	
Warners Holiday Camp					
G-ARAV	C-172				
Hants and Sussex Aviation					
Many of those listed below were dismantled  or otherwise unflyable.					
NP292	RM192	RM229	LZ795(6783M)		Proctors
G-AFWM	Taylorcraft +D				
G-AHEV	Proctor				
G-AIAH	Consul(Burnt by Fire Service Nov 1961)				
G-AIOS	Consul				
G-ALYA	HS Herald				
N98887	Piper Cub(Floatplane)				
PH816	WJ547	EI-AHO	G--AOHV	Ansons
Other aircraft to be seen on the airfield-:					
G-AGTG	Aerocar(parts only)				
G-AKHE	Gemini				
G-AKKM	Messenger				
G-ALFE	Hawk Tr.				
G-ANEW	Tiger Moth				
G-ANYV	Proctor(broken up 2-11-61)				
G-APIK	Auster Alpha				
WP911	WD383/G	Chipmunks(both damaged)	
G-AIGF  Auster J1/N Alpha(present in 1963)		
G-APKD  Auster J1/N Alpha (present in 1963) Later became VH-KSP See image below at Moorabbin Airport ,Victoria. 					
Also present at this time were parts of the following Tiger Moths-: K2594 L6932 N6614 R5032 K4251 T5382 L6945 T5637 DE907 N6713 T6309 DE994 R5202 T7231 DF127 BB702 T6257(6725M) arrived on 20-1-61 RNAS WORTHY DOWN 1956 During a visit here for an Open Day in the summer of 1956 ,the following aircraft were to be seen. -/A2213 Firefly AS.7 Coded 200 PP596/A2257 Firefly FR.1 Coded 273 TF940 Sea Fury F.10 TT192/A2294 Sea Hornet F.20(with wings of VW960) VF317/A2320 Vampire F.1 Coded 101 VT417/A2258 Firefly FR.5 Coded 202 VT421/A2291 Firefly FR.5 VW880/A2310 Wyvern TF.2 Coded 203 WE488 Gannet WF200/A2409 Seahawk F.1 WJ216/A2318 Wyvern TF.2 Coded 300 WM763 Firefly T.7 XB317 Avenger AS.4 In addition,a Seafire was burnt by the Fire Service as part of the entertainment. . This was probably SW800/A2256 Seafire F.15. This a/c was noted in a damaged state the previous year,(coded 109VM) RNAS GOSPORT Seen here in July 1955-: DK538/A2182 Firefly FR.1 on dump DV119 Firefly FR.1 on dump MB504 Firefly FR.1 on dump TW687/A2299 Firefly FR.4 TW719/A2301 Firefly FR.4 VG972 Firefly FR.1 on dump VR136 Wyvern TF.1 VT476/A2375 Firefly FR.5 VX420/A2394 Firefly AS.5 WB250/A2374 Firefly FR.5 WE279/A2399 Venom FB.1 Z2103 Firefly F.1 "916" on dump
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