Military Visiting Aircraft 1935-1972
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          01-06-35   "A squadron of RAF fighters  for Empire Air Day" 
          23-05-36   Empire Air Day ,participants included....
                                  3 x Audax , Army Co-operation Unit,Old Sarum
                                  3 x Audax , 13 Sq
                                  9 x Nimrod ,800 Sq,Eastleigh.
          Aug 1936  Audaxes  16Sq (Old Sarum) for 2 weeks  summer camp.
          02-03-37  5 x Anson 1, RAF Coastal Cmd 51 Sq , Diversions due weather	.
                  Summer 1937  605SQ Summer camp using Hawker Hinds (eg;K5431).
          28-05-38  Empire Air Day ,participants included...
                                  Battles (12 Sq) from Andover.
                                  Gladiators  from Digby
                                  Shark from Lee-on-Solent
                                  3 x Hind
                                  Ansons from Thorney Is     
                                  Hind  from Warmwell
                                  Wallace TT from Warmwell
                                  Avro 621
         1940     X9346 Airspeed Courier - company hack                
         01-05-40 N22	Spitfire 1a(ex P9566),on delivery to Turkish AF			
         01-05-40 N23	Spitfire 1a(ex P9567),on delivery to Turkish AF			
		        NB:above identities are British Class"B" registrations	
         24-06-40 838   Potez 63-11 of GR1/14 Bordeaux. 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Neumann, (pilot) his observer-navigator
Lieutenant André Jacob and Sergeant Marcel Morel, the radio operator-machine gunner serving with Group
de Reconnaissance GR 1/14, based at Bergerac flew their Christchurch airfield .
The aircraft was later flown to RAF Andover and eventually to RAF Odiham as the basis of an Free French Training Unit.
Some say 26th June. 27-06-40 Beaufighter for installation of A1 radar 15-06-40 P6687 Battle I,Stn Flt Baginton, damaged landing Christchurch . 16-08-40 W6669 Hurricane1 213Sq(Exeter) emergency landing 15-09-40 R6600 Spitfire 602SQ,Emergency landing, mistaken for enemy and rammed by army truck 28-11-40 P4321 Hampden I,Forced landing 49 Sq 17-12-40 N3552 Blenheim emergency landing 23-04-41 werke Nr4477/GD+EG Bu131B.Stolen from Luftwaffe aerodrome at Caen by two ex-Armee de l'Air pilots, Heberd and Boudard,It was flown across the Channel, intercepted by the RAF and landed at Christchurch.It was repainted in RAF camouflage and markings and flown ('unofficially') by pilots from the Special Duties Flight (TRE). Shortly after, orders came for the aircraft to be shown in London as an exhibit for 'War Weapons Week', so it was hastily repainted in Luftwaffe markings and sent to London on 22nd May, where it was vandalised by souvenir hunters. It was returned to TRE later and serial no. DR626 was allocated, but there were too many parts missing for it to be flown again. Struck off charge at TRE on 1.8.41 and presumed scrapped. A copy of the original signal from the Commanding Officer of RAF Christchurch to the various authorities may be seen here. ( Additional info via BIA Yahoo group) . Photos below via John Pothecary show the aircraft outside the Bellman hangar 22-06-41 X4776 Spitfire , damaged when Whitley N1370 undershot and ran into it. 18-08-41 X8937 Beaufort swung on landing hit parked Wellington 1942 K1783 Tomtit ,for overhaul, became G-AGEF Feb 42 DG604 Horsa. 18-07-42 BD955 Hurricane IIc covershot & crashed July 42 HS101 Horsa , First Production, 1942 BD443 Whitley , towing Horsas out to MUs 1942 LA821 Whitley , as above 14-11-42 DP806 Horsa, overshot & cr into hangar 30-01-43 HG985 Horsa cr landing at Somerford 08-03-43 BP788 Fulmar II from White Waltham 25-05-43 From Christchurch ORB: On instructions from the Home Office a DH86 landed at 1315 from Ronaldsway, IoM, with 6 men and 2 women German diplomats en-route for Lisbon. 06-43 AL296 Chesapeake FAA 13-07-43 JA851 Lancaster III 49Sq at Fiskerton,P/O Tomlin , out of fuel 05-08-43 Whitley (from Wroughton) u/c collapsed on landing 06-08-03 Seafire IIc cr after test flight 03-02-44 DE943 Tiger Moth II, to Harrowbeer. 05-05-44 KX409 Hurricane IV ,193Sq 05-06-44 P-51D.48 a/c from 354FG arr for overnight stop. 04-07-44 LA689 Whitley, HGTU from Brize Norton , dep with Horsa in tow but cr on mudflats at Poole Harbour after engine failure .. ...the Horsa landed on the mud in Chriustchurch Harbour. 14-07-44 JZ303 Avenger II , from Worthy Down. 03-09-44 ??? B-17 emergency landing 14-09-44 From Christchurch ORB: An Douglas A20 force landed 1730 (Lt. Miller and 2 crew) en-route from a mission over Le Havre to Weathersfield having been hit by flak. Landed safely but with one tyre deflated. (The last two entries extracted from the ORB by John Havers). *09-10-44 NK398 Anson C hristchurch to Pershore *02-11-44 EV748 Argus II Christchurch to Yeovilton to Charlton [Horethorne]Hawthorne *14-01-45 PM818 Barracuda II Wroughton to Christchurch 1945 LA933 Whitley gnd collision with Swordfish NR946, w/o 02-45 R2438 Beaufighter II FAA *03-02-45 EV748 Argus II Gosport to Christchurch to Hamble 18-02-45 NF327 Swordfish III from RAE. *25-02-45 PM713 Barracuda II Christchurch to Hamble 08-03-45 R9548 Dominie 03-45 AZ590 Master II FAA *19-04-45 AX233 Anson AX233 Christchurch to Cardiff *12-06-45 MP474 Oxford MP474 Christchurch to Hawarden *26-06-45 EV782 Argus II Hamble to Christchurch to Cardiff *06-07-45 LX738 Oxford Christchurch to Hawarden 15-07-45 44-8866 B-17G.USAAF 306BG cr landing 25-07-45 MN311 Typhoon 181Sq,e/r Warmwell, cr on emergency landing 07-09-45 DK393 Firebrand TFIII C Sq AAEE,Forced landing Oct 45 HN127/U1YY Oxford I noted Oct 45 PH248/U2JJ Oxford I noted Oct 45 Vengeance TT noted Oct 45 Defiant TT noted Oct 45 Martinet TT noted 01-03-47 K3880 Hawker Hart , noted. 22-09-48 Hoverfly 49 RM340 Horsa, departed 16-03-49 ,aerotow by Halifax RT935 to Wroughton. 21-02-49 KF524 Harvard 2B FAA 19-09-49 VL247 Viking C1 Kings Flight 08-10-49 T6168 Tiger Moth April 52 VL275 Bogie u/c Valetta - landing trials 15-10-52 VX220 AW Apollo From Boscombe Down 27-03-53 Lincoln 13-05-53 6 x Sea Hornets 809 Sq 16-09-53 VR38? Br. Freighter, Radar Nose 05-54 BB790 Tiger Moth (ex G-ACEZ) Sep 54 2 x Canberra Sep 54 Meteor NF11 Sep 54 Venom Sep 54 Wyvern 05-04-55 EE337 Meteor F3 FAA 25-09-55 MB723 Firefly 02-11-55 VR211 Prentice A&AEE 08-05-56 Brigand 06-10-56 WW439 Provost T1 RAFC Cranwell 06-10-56 XF907 Provost T1 RAFC Cranwell 08-11-56 WL377 Meteor T7 ETPS 04-02-58 WD402 Anson T21 A&AEE 26-02-58 CA+002 Heron 2D Luftwaffe 07-03-58 WL734 Sea Balliol 14-05-58 WL730 SEa Balliol FAA 05-06-58 WJ679 Canberra B2 RAE 08-07-58 WX969 Meteor FR9 15-07-58 XK939 Whirlwind HAS7 "715" 17-07-58 XB364 Avenger AS6 "380" 22-09-58 XK411 Auster AOP9 25-01-59 XF911 Provost T1 "PS" 02-03-59 XM819 Percival EP9 02-03-59 VR599 SEa Balliol Prototype 04-05-59 KF314 Harvard 07-05-59 WV179 Skyraider AEW "423" 08-05-59 XG878 Gannet T2 15-08-59 XD610 Vampire T11 to De Haviland 18-02-60 XA169 Sea Vampire T22 to De Haviland 25-03-60 WP333 Sea Balliol 20-04-60 VP965 Devon C2 06-05-60 WP333 Sea Balliol 13-06-60 PH788 Anson C12 RAF Gaydon 21-06-60 WZ425 Vampire T11 04-07-60 WW220 Sea Venom FAW22 27-07-60 WF370 Varsity T1 22-08-60 VW162 Valetta C1 15-09-60 XG767 Sea Vampire T22 "943VL" 16-10-60 WL113 Meteor F(TT)8 22-11-60 WM994 Sea Hawk FB5 02-12-60 WV735 Pembroke C1 19-01-61 WV199 Whirlwind 22 21-04-61 VV328 Anson C21 RAF Stradishall 15-05-61 WE551 Auster AOP6 18-05-61 WJ491 Valetta 24-05-61 XN595 Jet Provost T3 19-06-61 XM529 Skeeter AOP12 to SRDE 07-07-61 XP770 Beaver AL1 20-07-61 XF685 Provost T1 ETPS "20" 02-11-61 XG677 Sea Venom FAW22 "VL" FONFET 14-11-61 WM756 Sea Prince 07-05-62 WG308 Chipmunk T10"C" 25-03-63 WT925 Sycamore HR14 to SRDE 17-01-64 XR270 Auster AOP9 17-01-64 XR271 Auster AOP9 27-04-66 XP908 Scout AH1 08-08-66 XS679 Wessex HC2 A&AEE 12-07-67 XJ445 Whirlwind RAE 25-03-68 XP908 Scout AH1 21-08-70 XV131 Scout AAC , to SRDE 08-06-72 Wessex HU5 "XG" 846 SQ 21-06-72 XN299 Whirlwind HAS7 "08" * Items with an asterisk were extracted by Peter Graham from the log of ATA pilot Pamela Tulk-Hart.
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