Christchurch photos from John Pothecary.

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John Pothecary seated in the glider in 1947 for his first glider flight. The car is being driven by John Allen who later became a flight engineer on Concordes.

A line of aircraft at Christchurch on 16th March 1949

On the same day Aeronca 100 G-AESP overturned whilst taxying to take off for Hurn.

The Heath Parasol G-AJCK was owned by Roger Mann.He was a " Bevan boy" in WW2 - working down the coal mines, who later flew Canberras in the RAF and therafter flew as captain with airlines.

The 5 pictures below are of an unidentified Pou-de-Ciel which was flown at Christchurch by both Francis Fisher and John Pothecary(neither of which were the owner) presumably sometime in the 50s. The aircraft was" wrecked when it hit the arrester gear"- presumably that which was installed to deal with the DH110/Sea Vixens.Any more information on this aircraft would be very welcome. It seems very likely that it was the same Pou that was built by a Mr W Whattley of Sholing Rd Southampton which crashed at Eastleigh airport in 1956.
G-AKJD Slingsby Motor Tutor at Christchurch in 1954.

Tiger Moth BB790 which visited in 1954- flown by Roger Mann .

The Royal Artillery Aero Club Auster G-AGYI came to a sticky end on the South Downs on 14-10-58.

G-AHVY following the fatal crash on 12-11-58 . The contol column became detached causing the crash..

The same aircraft in an earlier incident when it was blown over by a 40 knot gust.

G-AFRK in it's BEA colour scheme prior to it's arrival at Christchurch in March 1959 .

John in G-APJP, banner towing over Hengistbury Head on 22nd July 1959.

John in G-APJP, banner towing on 22nd July 1959.

G-ABUU Comper Swift and G-ABNX Redwing - both owned by John Pothecary.

John Pothecary in 1960,with the last student pilot he taught at Christchurch .

Undated group photo with several well known Christchurch incumbents.

Undated group photo.In the photo are Colin Clark(seated on aircraft,also John Pothecary,John Stone,Bert Hawkins.Note the fuel pump behind Austers.

Same day showing C.A.C's advertising vehicle .

Same day again- fleet lineup Christchurch Aero Club.

Another view..

John Pothecary passing the Christchurch Control tower where his first wife , Iris,worked..

Christchurch Control tower.

A postcard produced by John Pothecary.

A advertising card for the Christchurch Aero Club - 1950s.

Advert for the Christchurch Aero Club.Ron Hayter is seated in the Tiger Moth.

A view of the Christchurch Aero Club looking west.As there is a Rapide and two Oxfords in the photo it is probably 1961 or later.

A summer scene at Christchurch somewhen in the 50s.

John flying the Drone.

G-ADWO with John and the legendary A J Jackson on board.

Three pictures above :G-AJEP after a lees than perfect landing 22-11-1959.

A very young Andrew James Hutton Marshall(nephew of Tom Marshall) trying on G-AKFU..

Damage to G- AGYI.

G-APJP, first engine run Summer 1957,Geoff Kingman-Sugars on the tail..

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