Civil Visiting Aircraft 1926-1972
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  Civil Visitors

Christchurch was not a place that was noted for receiving large numbers of visitors - in fact a visit by foreign registered aircraft was very much a rarity. I have no doubt however that the listing below is very far from complete but it serves to give some idea of the type of traffic that used Christchurch. Pre WW2 G-EAKJ, Avro 504 of Surrey Flying Services operated from Burry's Field in July 1926 giving pleasure flights at 5 shillings per head. G-EBYU the prototype Simmonds Spartan visited on 22ndh Aug 1928 G-EBYU the prototype Simmonds Spartan visited on 28th Aug 1928 piloted by Lt Webster. During the summer of 1929 DH60 Gipsy Moths G-AAFL/AFY/AIW were operated by Thomas Mills for pleasure flights.... .....G-AAFL ditched of Bournemouth Pier on 11-08-29. G-ABWZ Puss Moth, FRy's Chocolate visited on 12 Dec 1932 from Bristol with a consignment for Beales of Bournemouth G-ACCA Fox Moth visited on May 13th 1934 for the initial opening of "Bournemouth Airport" below on that occasion.
(Photo via Christopher Balfour).

G-ACTE Speed Hawk 6 visited in May 1935. ????? DH-34 also in May 1935 G-ABSI Airspeed Ferry, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 G-ABSJ Airspeed Ferry, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 G-EBYX HP Clive, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 ????? Avro Tutor, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 ????? Avro/Cierva Autogyro, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 ????? DH Moth, Cobhams National Aviation Display, August 10 1935 TOTAL MOVEMENTS 1935 :3,573.(6,170 passengers) 22-02-36 G-ADMH Pou-de-Ciel, Stephen Appleby, Heston, for demonstrations ??-07-36 G-A??? Stinson Reliant , Gilbert Miller ??-08-36 C W A Scott's Flying Display. 16-11-36 G-ADYX Luton Buzzard , cr into trees following engine failure, dep by road for repair G-EBLV DH.60 E L Donner , cr into tree at Christchurch 31-08-37 23-04-37 G-AE?? Aeronca 100 demonstrator. 31-08-37 G-ABLV Cirrus Moth , cr into tree on arrival Summer 37 G-ACAW Avro 552 advertising flights over beaches ,Plane Advertising Co.

July 38 G-A??? BAC Drone

Sept 39 G-AAIN Parnell Elf - for overhaul.

1940 Airspeed company "hacks"..... G-ADLI Falcon G-ADUR Hornet Moth G-AEZM Swallow

08-02-41 G-AGBB Dc-3 KLM- to Lisbon with US VIP. 07-06-41 G-AFMB Cunliffe Owen Burnelli OA1 departed on delivery to Free French Forces.Pilot was Jim Mollison

1943 G-AEZM Swallow used as runabout by George Errington (Airspeed test pilot)

All civilian flying ceased on the outbreak of WW2 and when civilian flying restarted in 1946 all airline activities were to Hurn rather than Christchurch.However there were civil visitors(what we would now call GA) - although they were rare- those that are known are listed below ( click on registration for photo where available)........

1946:Leopard Moths G-ACMA and G-ACMN and Hornet Moth G-ADUR were frequent visitors to the DH factory.

10-07-47 G-AJIS Autocrat ??-08-47 G-AJPM Dc-4 Skyways...seen below departing -possibly the biggest passenger aircraft to land at Christchurch - it brought Skyways executives to see the new Ambassador.

23-08-48 SE-BCA SAAB Scandia ....Demonstrator(photo via Mike Phipp)

09-48 OO-TIT Fairey Jr.

16-03-49 G-AGYO Auster, from Denham 16-03-49 G-AKKV Miles Hawk Trainer, Airways Aero Assoc.from/to Hurn 16-03-49 G-AKKW Miles Hawk Trainer, Airways Aero Assoc.from/to Hurn 16-03-49 G-AKKX Miles Hawk Trainer, Airways Aero Assoc.from/to Hurn 16-03-49 G-AESP Aeronca , nosed over prior to take off 16-03-49 G-ADUR Hornet Moth, D H Co,f/t Portsmouth. Ron Clear (Airspeed pilot) 18-04-49 G-AJPC Argus 2 13-08-49 G-AHZY Proctor 5 17-08-49 G-ADFH Miles Falcon 09-49 OO-TIA Tipsy Belfair 16-11-49 G-AJST Argus 2

1950s- till closure of DH:Frequent visitors were..... G-ACMN Leopard Moth G-AMVU DHC2 Beaver G-5-24 Heron Test aircraft( Oct 6th 1958) G-ANAR DHC2 Beaver G-AJLW Dove 2 G-ALBM Dove 1 G-AHEF AS65 Consul G-AJWS AS65 Consul. G-AOYX Otter G-APEV Heron 2D

07-01-53 G-AMVU Beaver 19-01-53 G-ALWF Viscount 701 Hurn diversion

04-54 F-WFKU HD-31

21-07-55 G-AKJD Motor Tutor

14-03-56 G-ALYT Comet 2X 10-08-56 D-EFUP RW3 Multoplan 21-09-56 WV477 Provost T1 f/t RAF South Cerney

24-02-57 N9866F Bonanza 10-06-57 G-AAHW Klemm L25 29-09-57 N2512 Cessna 170

12-08-58 D-EFUP Multoplan 21-08-58 G-ACEZ Tiger Moth 06-10-58 G-5-24 Heron -to De Havilands.

On 23rd September 1958 a small display(not public) of STOL/VTOL aircraft was held on the airfield for NATO representatives. Among those aircaft known to have been present were.......... G-AHXW Rapide G-AKTW Westland WS51-2(Widgeon) G-ANAR DHC2 Beaver G-AOCZ Westland WS55 Whirlwind G-AOYX DHC-3 Otter G-AMWI Sycamore G-APLE Westland Westminster G-AOUJ Fairey Ultra-Light G-APNU Saro P531 G-APLK Miles Student G-AOZO EP.9 XM797 EP.9 XK409 Auster AOP9 XK411 Auster AOP9 XK418 Auster AOP9 XL762 Skeeter XL727 Wessex XG447 Bristol 192 XE521 Rotodyne EP-AIM Auster Aiglet J/5L XL555 Pioneer XM289 Twin Pioneer WP928 Chipmunk G-AHXW Rapide (Fairey Aircraft )

June 59 - Oct 59. The Experimental Flying Group was based for the Summer before moving on to Biggin Hill . They used....... G-AKAS Hawk Trainer G-AITN Hawk Trainer G-APBE Auster 5

01-04-59 HB-ERE Argus 07-59 HB-EPI Whitney Straight 08-09-59 G-AJYT Auster J/1B Skegness Air Taxi Services 26-10-59 G-APSJ Piaggio P166 Oct 59 EI-AKW Comanche

29-01-60 G-AJWS Consul, de Havilands 04-02-60 G-APWT Currie Wot 16-02-60 G-ALMR Dove English Electric 14-03-60 G-AHXK Avro 19 Hawker Co. 24-04-60 G-APYI Tri-Pacer 04-07-60 G-AFZI Taylorcraft +D 03-08-60 G-ANLW Westland Widgeon 15-12-60 G-ANSZ Heron 1 Jersey A/L

22-04-61 N70536 Cub 12-05-61 G-AGPG Avro 19 Avro Co. ??-05-61 N78572 Super Cruiser 07-07-61 G-ANOK Safir 23-07-61 G-AIUE Hawk Trainer 27-09-61 G-APSB Chipmunk 20-11-61 N22C Cosmic Wind

04-03-62 G-AOLP Prentice 26-04-62 G-AREA Dove 8 DH 19-05-62 G-APLY Super Cub 30-05-62 G-ARWF C310G 02-06-62 D-EDLT C172 19-07-62 OY-GAG CP301S 21-07-62 F-BKGO Jodel 24-07-62 D-ENAB C172 29-07-62 G-AOIE Jackaroo 23-09-62 G-ABUU Comper Swift 10-12-62 G-AJSL Dragon Rapide

09-05-63 G-AEML Dragon Rapide 01-06-63 G-ARIA Bell 47 02-06-63 HB-SUU Jodel 112 06-06-63 N9188B C180 06-08-63 D-ENZU Colt,F-BJJP Jodel 13-08-63 G-ASFO Bolkow Jr. 17-08-63 F-BJJP DR1050

22-03-64 G-AAWO Gipsy Moth 21-04-64 G-ARXM Beagle 206 Beagle A/c Co 07- 64 D-EAAR Dr1050 64 HB-SVT Jodel U2V 03-05-64 G-ASMC Provost , Jersey Rally 04-09-64 G-ABLE Cessna 170

17-03-65 G-APTW Widgeon 25-03-65 G-ASRT Jodel D150 20-08-65 G-ASXD Brantly B2 12-09-65 G-ATHL Wa116 12-09-65 G-ATHM Wa116 16-09-65 G-ATCT Islander 1964-65 G-AEML Rapide was still a regular visitor.

18-09-67 G-ASAK Terrier Oct 67 G-ATFD DR1051(photo by Colin Richards) Oct 67 G-ARCU Piper Caribbean 150 Oct 67 G-AVHH Cessna F172(photo by Colin Richards) 20-10-67 G-ATSR Bonanza

21-09-68 G-ATJP Apache

09-07-69 G-AVTV MS Rallye ?? G-AHVA Proctor 1 ?? G-AKHC Gemini 3A

1970-71 G-ASEY A61 Terrier possibly the fixed wing last visitor before total closure.(Photos by Colin Richards.)

12-05-73 G-BBJE Allouette II 30-11-73 G-ASTL Hughes500 ( to SRDE) 10-09-81 G-HELY A-190 Barretts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were obviously many other aircraft ,both residents and visitors that are not listed on this website. If you can fill some gaps please contact me at
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