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Updated 22 Nov 2014.

Lat/Long 51 06 45N/01 19 10W.
Grid ref SU 468353.
345 feet ASL.
2.5 miles N of Winchester.

N/S 770 yds.
E/W 1400 yds.

Helipad in current use at 51 06 23N/01 19 03W,operated by RAPC.

Worthy Down as shown on map from 1920s.
Worthy Down Map
Worthy Down Aerial view 1946 (via Mike Lomas).
Worthy Down now
Worthy Down- a recent aerial view.

Worthy Down was built on the old Winchester Racecourse,which was acquired for the purpose in August 1917.The airfield opened August 1918 for use by the RAF,who retained control until 24/5/39.On this date control passed to the Admiralty,and the station became HMS Kestrel.During WW2 ,in addition to the FAA use,Supermarine used the airfield from 12/40 until 3/44 for Spitfire development flying.Post war flying was reduced and on 9/1/50 the station closed after 2 years on Care and Maintenance.In June 1952 the airfield was reopened as HMS Aerial II with the Air Electrical School in occupation.No flying units were based there although visits by communications aircraft were common.Eventually in November 1960 the Air Electrical School left,and in December 1960 the airfield was closed.After closure the site passed to the Royal Army Pay Corps,who continue to occupy it today.A helipad is in use in a corner of the old airfield,but there is no other aviation activity although many of the original buildings remain

207 Squadron RAFA website has some nice images of Worthy Down in 1936- 1938..
Above:DH 60M Gipsy Moth K1204 of the Worthy Down Station Flight.Below: Three pictures of aircraft at Worthy Down (sent by Dave Oversmith)all probably circa 1931, showing(Top) another Gypsy Moth- serial number K1848(?)- (Middle)Fokker FIII G-AARG(owned by a " George Steed" at Worthy Down , and (Bottom) a Blackburn Ripon..

RAF Units

7 Sq, Virginia VII/Heyford II/III/arr 7/4/27,dep 3/9/36
35 Sq,Gordon/Wellesley/Battle,arr 26/8/36,dep 20/4/38.
58 Sq,Vimy/Virginia V/III/VI/VII/IX/X,Reformed 1/4/24,dep 13/1/36
102 Sq ,Heyford II/III,reformed from B Flt/7Sq 1/10/35.dep 3/9/36.
215 Sq,Virginia X,reformed from C Flt/58 Sq 1/10/35,dep 14/3/36
Southampton UAS,Tiger Moth,extant 1945/1946

FAA Units

700 Sq reformed 6/45,dep dep 1945.
734 Sq Whitley GRVII,formed 2/44,dep 1945
739(BADU)Sq,Oxford,arr 9/43,dep 9/44.
755 Sq,Shark/Osprey/Lysander/Curtiss Seamew,Formed 1939,
756 Sq,Shark/Osprey,Formed 1939,disbanded 1943.
757 Sq,Shark/Osprey,Formed 1939,disbanded 1943
763 Sq,Swordfish ,arr 12/39,became No.1 TSR Pool,dep 6/40
763(FAA Pool)Sq,arr 2/41,disbanded 7/41
800 Sq,Nimrod/Osprey/Gladiator,arr 1938,dep 1939,
803 Sq,Skua,Formed 21/11/38,
806 Sq,Fulmar,arr 5/40,dep 5/40
807 Sq,Fulmar,formed 15/9/40.
808 Sq,Fulmar,formed 1/7/40,dep 5/9/40
808 Sq,Fulmar,formed 6/40.
811 Sq,arr 10/39
815 Sq,Swordfish,Formed 15/10/39 from remnants of 811 and 822 Sqs,dep 5/40
822 Sq,arr 10/39
848 Sq Whirlwind HAS7,reformed 11/59,dep 3/60.
Air Electrical School,arr 6/52,dep 1/11/60.

Below:Worthy Down- Spitfires in front of hangar- undated picture
Worthy Down now

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