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Updated 1 Dec 2014.

GASX(till 1960),
Lat/Long 51 12 30N/01 36 00W.
5 miles west of Andover.
Grid ref SU 280457.
320 feet ASL.
Ident "TX".
USAAF Station No.407
1944 RT callsign "Bunkbed" HF/DF Y7X

RUNWAYS--1941:Concrete 25?07 1560yds :13/31 1150yds:02/20 1000yds.

RUNWAYS--2002:Grass:26/08 920x50m:13/31 860x50m:02/20 722x50m.

RUNWAYS--2007:Grass:25/07 770x23m:13/31 750x31m.

Thruxton air shot
Thruxton seen from above in 1945 with approximately 200 Horsa gliders in open storage,awaiting scrapping.

The airfield opened in 1940 for use by the RAF,who stayed for 6 years..Towards the end of the war ,large numbers of Horsa gliders were stored in the open on the airfield.Most of these were broken up in late 1945.In 1946 the airfield was found to be surplus to requirements and was abandoned.Thus the military phase of it's history was over.

In 1947 the field was leased by the Wiltshire School of Flying.Over the next few years their training fleet was joined at Thruxton by substantial numbers of light aircraft.In the late 50s the Wiltshire School of Flying (as Jackaroo Aircraft Ltd) converted 18 Tiger Moths into "Thruxton Jackaroos",this work finishing by 1960.Plans to build the "Thruxton Paragon" were announced.Two versions were planned, the ES3/145 two seater ,and the ES3/175 four seater.However ,these plans were eventually dropped.During the 60s the perimeter track was turned into a motor racing circuit which is still in use today.In the 90s Heliwork started importing and assembling Robinson helicopters.General aviation continues to be very active at Thruxton with 30-40 light aircraft based here.Visit the Thruxton Airfield Website.

Thruxton runway layout -present day.
thruxton 2000
Thruxton from the air in 2010.

RAF Units.

12 Sq Wellington II ,(detachment from Binbrook in Nov 40).
13 Sq Lysander III(detachment from Odiham 7/41 to8/42)
16 Sq Lysander IIIA(25/9/41 to 3/10/41).
63 Sq Mustang I(8/11/43 to 12/11/43)
168 Sq Mustang(dep 12/11/43).
170 Sq Mustang I(10/10/42 to 25/10/42 and 16/10/43 to 12/11/43)
225 Sq Lysander IA and Hurricane I/II (29/7/41 to13/5/42).
225 Sq Mustang I(19/5/42 to 31/8/42)
268 Sq Mustang IA(15/10/43 to 8/11/43).
297 Sq Albemarle I(24/1/42 to25/8/43).
614 Sq Lysander III/Blenheim IV(detachment from Macmerry July 41 and 14/8/42 to 21/8/42)
Glider pilots Exercise Unit Master/Hotspur ( Sept 43 to Oct 43 and Nov 43 to Feb 44
3209 Servicing Commando(Typhoon modification work)( arr Sept 43 ).
1311 Flt Ansons(arr June44)became 84 Group Communications Sq in 7/44
43 OTU Auster AOP (arr July 44).


1st March 1944 366FG(389/390/391 Sqs) USAAF - aircraft codes A6/B2/A8 with P-47Ds.(departed 12/6/44 to France)

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