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Updated 6 Dec 2014.
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Grid ref SU 620155 .
240 feet(approx) ASL.
Three quarters of a mile S/E of Soberton.

RUNWAYS: Grass,two airstrips,N/S and NW/SE, length unknown.

Soberton map
Soberton E.L.G.The "X" shows what is thought to be the approximate location.

Soberton was made ready as a scatter field for Gosport in 7/40,but does not appear to have been used .It remained listed as an Emergency Landing Ground until at least 1944. From Ted Darling comes the information that Soberton was used as a night dropping zone during 1951 and 1952. The unit involved was the Transport Command Development Flight at Abingdon who were testing a radar transponder beacon on which supplies could possibly be dropped to Army units operating behind enemy lines. Soberton was later used by aircraft from Hamble for practice forced landings in the 50s.The site has since returned to agricultural use.

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