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Updated 25 Nov 2014.

Lat/Long 51 11 63N/01 14 08W
550 feet ASL.
6 miles southwest of Basingstoke.

RUNWAYS: Grass 26/08 914m. 21/03 900m

runway plan
Popham airfield layout .The 26/08 runway is normally the active runway.

Popham airfield is probably the most popular light aircraft field in Hampshire today. In the early 1970's the land alongside the A303 was purchased by Jim Espin, a member of the Solent Strut of the Popular Flying Association. With the aid of fellow members of the Strut, the land was cleared, leveled, seeded and transformed into an airstrip .The original strip is now the 26/08 runway of the present airfield, which has developed over the past 20 years into a very active centre for popular flying.The airfield hosts several well supported fly-ins each year for both convential aircraft and also for microlights.Runway limitations restrict visitors normally to no bigger than light twin engined aircraft such as Kingair 200,but on at least one occasion ,a Dakota has landed.

With the ever decreasing number of airfields in Hampshire in mind,it is very pleasing to see at least one prospering. Visit the Popham Airfield Website

Popham air shot
Popham seen from the air ,showing the very close proximity of the 26/08 runway to the A303 road.

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