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Lat/Long 50 46 23N/01 25 53W .Grid ref SZ 410975 .30 feet ASL.5 miles east of Lymington.

RUNWAYS Sommerfeld Tracking.E/W 1500 yds,N/S 1600 yds.

Needs Oar Point A.L.G.(Air Ministry 1944)

NEEDS OAR POINT ALG was built by RAF Airfield construction unit in winter of 1943 and came into use by the RAF in April 44.For a few days around June 6th it was apparently the busiest airfield in the UK.After about 11 weeks the RAF moved on and the airfield was returned to agriculture within the next few months

Needs Oar Point today- the location of the NE-SW runway is clearly visible just to north of Park Farm./center>
Typhoon IB

RAF Units

193 SQ,Typhoon IB,arr 11/4/44,dep 3/7/44
197 Sq,Typhoon IB,arr 10/4/44,dep 3/7/44
257 Sq,Typhoon IB,arr 10/4/44,dep 11/4/44.
257 Sq,Typhoon IB,arr 12/4/44,dep 2/7/44
266 Sq,Typhoon IB,arr 10/4/44,dep 27/4/44.
266 Sq,Typhoon IB,arr 6/5/44,dep 29/6/44.

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