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The first four Photos ,kindly sent to me by Ted White, show some unusual scenes from the 1930s

The image above , dating from around 1930, shows Ted White's father Alfred (who worked for Simmonds from Nov 1928 till March 1935) refuelling a Spartan (Probably G-AAHA) at Phipps Garage in Victoria Road at Netley.The gentleman on the ground is Reg Brown.The aircraft was being towed from The Rolling Mills at Archery Road in Southampton - to the Airfield at Hamble. The garage still exists as Netley Garage ,although Phipps now run a taxi service in Station Rd.
Spartan Cruiser II G-ACDW,c/n 3, This was exported to Egypt in 1934 as SU-ABL..
Spartan Cruiser III G-CYK,c/n 101, on the ground at Somerton Airfield ,Cowes...
A crated Spartan Cruiser being loaded onto the Paddle Steamer "Lord Elgin" at East Cowes, on the first stage of delivery to India.This would almost certainly be c/n 7 Cruiser II G-ACKG which went to the Maharajah of Patalia as VT-AEQ in November 1933. The flying boat in the background may be a Saro A19 Cloud.

Airlines ( Western Australia )operated Spartan Three Seater 1 VH-URB which is probably the aircraft in the above picture of Charles Snook founder of Airlines(WA) circa 1937.

The second FAI International Tourist Plane Contest (French: Challenge International de Tourisme),took place between July 16 and August 8 1930 in Berlin, Germany.The photo shows many of the entrants prior to the start.Spartan G-AAGO(c/n 29) is just below the centre.

Unidentified Spartan at Perth WA in the 1930s. The person is aerial photographer Stuart Gore - premises behind are James Taxiplanes Ltd .

The Saro-Spartan A24 Mailplane G-ABLI being fueled at Heston prior to starting a flight to India and return in September 1932 .

Spartan Cruisers on Players Cigarette cards.Aircraft on left is YU-SAO
YU-SAO Spartan Cruiser of Aeroput.

G-ACSM Spartan Cruiser c/n 10 Spartan Air Lines

G-ACDW Spartan Cruiser . The occasion was the inaugural flight from Croydon to the Isle of Wight on 1st May 1934.

Three pictures sent by Alan McEvoy - Above: two views of Spartan Cruisers at Renfrew Airport sometime in the 1930s.Below:G-ACYK Spartan Cruiser Mk3 of Scottish airways flying over Glasgow University.Later same day(14-01-38) the aircraft crashed at Hill of Stake,Largs.
G-ACYK after the accident..

Above: Spartan Cruiser Mk3 G-ACDW landing on a Racecourse..
Above: A Beken & Sons(Cowes) postcard showing G-ACJO in flight.
G-ABTY Spartan Cruiser Mk 1 of Spartan Airlines .

G-ADEL.Spartan Cruiser Mk3 of Spartan Airlines

G-ADEM.Spartan Cruiser Mk3 of Spartan Airlines

YI-AAA Spartan Cruiser Mk 2 ,Iraqi Airways.

Above: Two pictures of YU-SAN Spartan Cruiser c/n5 , of Aeroput - seen on the dump at Belgrade - Zemun in 1941.Pictures originally from the Airwarfare site, via Mick West .

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