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Lat/Long 50 45 40N/01 30 15W .Grid ref SZ 343960 .45 feet ASL.1 miles east of Lymington.USAAF Airfield No.551

RUNWAYS Sommerfeld Tracking.E/W 1600 yds,N/S 1400 yds.(NB E/W runway replaced with Pierced Steel Planking in early 44 before use of the airfield)

Lymington A.L.G.(Air Ministry 1944)
Lymington A.L.G. in May 1944.

Lymington ALG was built by RAF Airfield construction unit in winter of 1943 .It was used from April 44 for about 10 weeks by the USAAF .After they left the site was used as an Admiralty Storage Area until 1946,when the land returned to agriculture.One of the original blister hangars remains on the standing today,and a private airstrip is in use on the site.

In the picture below you can see traces of the airfield layout as well as the strip currently in use.Pylewell House is just out of frame at the extreme bottom right corner.


The two pictures above show the field as in 2004.On the left is the remaining blister hangar , refurbished and still in use. On the right the taxiway from the hangar with the grass runway straight ahead.( pictures from Shaun Churchill - March 2004)

A 2009 air view of Lymington(Thanks to Paul Smith)
P-47D Thunderbolt
50 FG(10/81/313 FS,)P-47D(Aircraft codes T5/2N/W3),arr 5/4/44.dep 24/6/44.
10 FS/50FG

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