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Updated 28th February 2007

The information and pictures contained in this website have been gathered over a large number of years.Regarding images,as far as I can ascertain all those on this site are in the public domain and are not subject to any copyright restrictions but, if this is not the case with any image, please E-mail me and it will be removed .Many publications have been consulted in the process.I would recommend reading any or all of the following if you have an interest in the subject -:

A History of Dorset and New Forest Airfields .Mike Phipp
A History of Hurn Airport.Mike Phipp.
Action Stations 5.Chris Ashworth
Action Stations 9.Chris Ashworth.
Airspeed Aircraft since 1931.H A Taylor
Christchurch Airfield,40 years of flying.Allen White.
Hampshire Airfields in the second World War.Robin J Brooks.
History of Beaulieu Airfield.Robert Coles.
In Hampshire Skies.Colin Cruddas
The Holmsley Story.Leslie White.
Military Airfields.SteveWillis and Barry Hollis
New Forest Airfields.Ken Davies.
RAF Calshot 1913-1961.Chaz Bowyer.
RAF Ibsley 1941-1946.Sid Deedman
RAF Squadrons.Wing Cdr.C.G.Jefford MBE.
Saunders Roe and SARO Aircraft.Peter London
Seaplanes and Flying Boats of the Solent.ed: Adrian B Rance
Southampton/Eastliegh Airport.David Hatchard
Spithead Express.Christopher Balfour
Supermarine Aircraft since 1914.C F Andrews and L E B Morgan
Twelve Airfields.Alan Brown.
The Vectis Connection.Peter Newberry.
Wings Over Dorset.Leslie Dawson(covers Hurn and Christchurch which are nowadays in Dorset)
For Your Tomorrow,by Errol Martyn...New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915
In addition much use has been made of material gleaned from various periodicals and enthusiast's publications including Flight,the Aeroplane,Air Pictorial,Air Britain Digest,The Aeroplane Spotter,LAAS International and Flypast.Also many local newspapers including the Southampton and Bournemouth Evening Echo,Christchurch Times,New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times.Also many RAF Flight Information Publications have yielded relevant information.

If you are interested in present day happenings at airports in Hampshire,Devon and Dorset,I recommend visiting the Yahoo Groups Website where you will find Groups for Bournemouth,Southampton,Exeter,Farnborough ,Popham etc.Most of these groups list current movements and happenings at the various airfields.

LINKS To Web Pages
about Hampshire and Dorset aviation.
The Airfield Information Exchange Forum and the public face of the Airfield Research Group which covers airfields in the UK and abroad.
ABCTAirfields of Britain Conservation Trust .
AtlantikWall Website about the German anti-invasion defences. defences.Has some info about Hampshire,Dorset and Wiltshire.Also some links to relevant sites
BAC-111 Jet:Site with history/news and photos of BAC-111
Blackbushe Airport. General info on Blackbushe today.
Bournemouth Aviation Museum..Lots of pictures of preserved jets.
Bournemouth International Airport . General Info
Compton Abbas - Abbas Air.Operators of Compton Abbas Airfield.News,events,etc
The Dorset Gliding Club based at Eyres Field
HMS Daedalus Website.Very detailed history of Lee-on-Solent.
Farnborough.FARNBOROUGH 2008 site
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust.Museum at Farnborough Airfield...Dead Link
Fleet Air Arm Archive. Lots of info on all aspects of the FAA - aicraft-Squadrons etc.
Fleetlands Flying Assoc. Info about Fleetlands and Lee-on-Solent.
Foster Wikner Historical site with photos..
Friends Of New Forest Airfields. Local Interest Group
Hambles Airfields ,by Tony Sedgewick.A general history of flying at Hamble
Aviation at Hamble.A more detailed look at Hamble airfields including the Air Service Training operations,by Derek Haseldon
Henstridge Airfield.Home website for the airfield- news,events, etc.
RAF Ibsley. RAF Ibsley Historical Group.
RAF Ibsley Airfield Heritage Trust. Historical site about Ibsley.
Lasham.Gliding at Lasham with the Lasham Gliding Society.
Lasham.ATC Lasham - the maintenance company at Lasham - some nice pictures.
Lasham.The Second World War Aircraft Preservation Society.SWWAPS is now defunct although the website still exists(Dec 2010)
Lionel Smith's Website .Website with material about the Sea Vixen (and many other interesting things).
Lymington ALG.1944.Memories of the 50th F.G.USAAF.
The Museum of Army Flying.Middle Wallop.
Poole Flying Boat Celebration.Society dedicated to preserving the memory of Flying boat operations at Poole from 1940 to 1948 .
Popham.Home page for Popham Airfield.
RAF Odiham.Official site.
RAF Odiham.Chinook website.
RAF Warmwell Preservation Group.Website devoted to the book "Reflections of RAF Warmwell" by Anthony Cooke.
Southampton Docks history.Includes section about Flying Boat operations.
Southampton.Solent Aviation Society,news of aviation in Hampshire and elsewhere.
Southampton.Hall of Aviation(Museum)"Solent Sky",emphasis on local aviation history.
THORNEY ISLAND:21st Air Defence Battery.Royal Artillery.
Wight Air Wrecks.Deals with crashes around the Isle of Wight
Winkton.Very detailed history of Winkton ALG.
If you know of any websites which you feel should be included here ,please E-mail me!


LINKS to sites about disused or abandoned airfields etc.
Abandoned and Little known Airfields.Paul Freeman's website with details and pictures of hundreds of disused US airfields
World War II Airfields.Shaun Churchill's site with pictures relating to WW2 airfields as they are now - also some aircraft pictures etc.
Aerial Views of UK Airfields Dave Robinson's site with Aerial views of 1600+ UK Airfields and Airstrips .
LINKS to Aviation Directories & groups
Howard Curtis' Airnet.Site with hundreds of links to all kinds of aviation sites.
Elevon.Aviation on the Internet.Lots of links to interesting sites.
Thirty Thousand Feet.Aviation Directory
Airstrips-Yahoo group
LINKS to other Aviation sites
RAF Welford:History of RAF WELFORD in Berkshire
605 Squadron :Website with detailed history of the unit.
Credits- the following people have kindly sent information or images for use on my website(s).
Peter Graham
Ken Sawyers
Andrew Berry
Howard J Curtiss
Pete Pitman
Shaun Churchill.
Richard Ward
Adi Damania(India)
Harold Tokins
Chris and Caroline Hayles.
Goeffrey Simmonds
Howard Haugh(New Zealand).
Gerald O'Brian (New Zealand).
Ian Piper
Kevin Byrne
Martin Burney.
Martin Cartwright
Roy Purser
Tony Mercer Jones
Mike Rice
Pat Honey
Richard Blain
Ron Smith
Tony Exelby
John Love
Stephen Spencer
Geoff Russell
Ian Ellis
Ian Davidson
Gary Godel
Mark Hood
Richard Drew
Bill Seward
Arthur Alexander
Bill Boon
John Levesley
David Smith
Paul Till
Dave Williams
Clive Pattle
Ray Cornford
Neil Beattie
Ray Hill
Paul Saxby
Brian Rodgers
Nick Jackson
Nigel Burch
Robert Elliott
Colin Pomeroy
The Keyser Family
Peter Budden
Mike Adams(Australia)
Bill Baker(AHSA)
John Cooper
Mike Dunn
Ian Ellis
Alan Scheckenbach(Australia)
Kaz Kijak(Australia)
Alan Haynes
J.B."Tommy" Thompson
Mike Phipp
Southair Ltd.(New Zealand)
Brian Adams
Andy Russel
Mike Coenen
Kenneth Wakefield
Peter Donovan
John Elcome
Lionel Smith
Alan Cooper
Clive Lynch
Ray Pettit
Mike Lomas
Tony Glover
David Petters
Liam Thomas
John Day
Les Wayles
Alan Cooper
Mark Earp
Bill Freemantle
Lynn Robertson
Julian Shersby
John Davis
Dave Welch
Les Hitchings
Frank Baker
Malcolm Fillmore
Ian O'Neill
Peter Graham
John Luck
Michael Wells
John Pothecary
Laurence Garey
Allastair Mellor
Lee Snelling
Christopher Fuchter
Gerry Shimbart
Duncan McLean
Phillip Smith
Richard Williams
Rob Barlex
Dave Allnut
Geoff Kingman-Sugars
Peter Marson
Christopher Balfour
Chris Semmens
Elton Smith
J D Nairn
Ted Darling
Hugh Wheeler
Les White
Angus Wareing
Ken Gould(Australia)
John Collier
Peter Budden
Jon Eeles
David H Kirkman
Eric Oultram
Richard Cawsey
Nigel Stevens
Derek Bascombe
Eddie Coates
Linda Pefanis(ICAO)
Melvyn Griffiths
Rick Coombe
Niclas Peyron
Peter Holloway
Bob McGarry( NZ)
Alvin Grady
Peter Lane
Tony Dewey
Eddie Coates
P D Dimmick(Solent Sky Museum).
John Austin-Williams.South African Airways Museum Society .
Jerry Bryant(South Africa).
Angus Maule.
Ian Henden.
Peter Spring.
Chris Hall.
Alan Wiltshire.
John Vasco.
Tony Dowland.
Gerry Rudman.
Phil Hosey.
John Rowley .
Alex Carrie.
Laurence Bean (via Alex Carrie).
Helmut Terbeck .
Derek Askie.
Dave Wickwar.
John Connell.
John Parker.
RAF Lichfield Association.
Terry Crawford.
David Maber.
Per-Řivind Skarphol.
Andrew Horrex/Bentwaters Aviation Society .
Bill Miller.
Olly Frampton.
Colin Watters.
Trish Downes.(Australia)
Jan Buitenhuis.(Netherlands)
Den Budden
Robin Sundt
Mark Surridge
Tony Pay
Chris Marsh
Roger Deason
Kit Spackman
Dave Holland (NZ)
Jim Chivers (via Dave Holland (NZ)
Mike Patchett
Ted White
Paul McMillan
Keith Brooks
Roy Claydon
Kit Yardley
Mick West
Don Horowitz
Bill Palmer
Steve Cockshott
Daryl Cornelius
Philip Jelf
Heather Harvey
Frank Robertson
Peter Lewis
Carol Fielding (NZ)
Paul McMillan
Vic Smith
John Havers
Colin Richards
Doug Morley


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