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Lat/Long 51 14 32N/01 20 57W .Grid ref SU 455505 .340 feet ASL.1 mile north of Whitchurch

RUNWAYS (proposed) 2 of 4500 ft each.

larks Barrow Map
Larks Barrow.The area with the X indicates the approximate location,the site may have extended to the north and west.

This location has been included for the sake of completeness ,although there is no actual proof that any aircraft actually ever landed here.The first(unconfirmed) use of the site was supposedly in 1940 as a scatter field,but there is no factual evidence of this.However,the site was chosen in June 1942 as an ALG.This was not proceeded with,and eventually,in 1943,the site was cancelled without,apparently,any work being done.It is possible that the site was used as a practice forced landing field by aircraft from the surrounding airfields.

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