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Lat/Long 50 50 08N/01 10 07W .
Grid ref SU 586043 .
20 feet ASL.
3 miles NE of Gosport.

RUNWAYS: None.Grass surface with Helicopter landing positions.


Opened in 1940 on a site between Foxbury Point and the A32 road,Fleetlands dealt with repair and overhaul of naval aircraft.At that time all aircraft were fixed wing types,and were brought to Fleetlands either by lighter from the dockyard at Portsmouth,or towed by road from Lee-on-Solent or Gosport.
The route was from Fleetlands via Tichborne Way to Rowner Road then left at Peel Common Cross Roads into Broom Way and into the airfield at the gate opposite the present day golf course.
The picture below shows Sea Furies and Seafires undergoing overhaul at Fleetlands.

Known as the Royal Naval Air Yard ,Fleetlands,the establishment gradually became more and more involved in dealing with helicopters as the numbers of them in FAA service escalated.With the disappearance of most fixed wing types from naval service in the latter part of the century,Fleetlands became the main location for rotary wing maintenance,also dealing with some work for the AAC.

The helicopter landing area at Fleetlands

On the 7th of April 1999,the Defence Aviation Repair Agency was formed to take over work for all three services(AAC,RAF,FAA).RNAY Fleetlands became DARA Fleetlands,and dealt with Army and Air Force helicopters in addition to the Navy aircraft.During February 2008, the DARA Rotary Wing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility at Fleetlands was acquired by Vector Aerospace, which began trading on 1 Apr 2008. It continues to support Chinook, Lynx and Sea King helicopters.

The small museum at Fleetlands with 6 aircraft exhibits has now closed and the aircraft dispersed.

Gerry Shimbart provided the image below , taken on 13th June 1981 , of Seaking HAS2 XZ578....look carefully at the serial number ....!

Sea King

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