Farnborough Airships.
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Postcard of "Engineers ballooning at Aldershot".
Postcards showing (LEFT)The Nulli Secundus in 1907 and 1908(Right)..
Postcards showing (LEFT)1909, Army"Baby airship,which was rebuilt in 1910 with a larger envelope and more powerful engine as the Army Airship "Beta"(RIGHT)....both at Farnborough..
Two Postcards showing the Lebaudy Morning Star Airship in 1910 - paid for by readers of the Morning Star.On 26th October 1910 this was the second airship to cross the English Channel South to North, flying from Moisson to Aldershot.
Postcards showing (LEFT)1912,The car of airship "Beta", and (RIGHT) the car of airship"Delta" in 1911..
Postcards showing (LEFT)1913,The airship "Eta", and (RIGHT) the Willow No.4 / HMNA No.2.In 1915, the envelope of this airship was used as a basis for the first of the SS Class dirigibles.BELOW: another view of the Navy " Baby" airship.
Postcards showing (LEFT) The Astra Torres Airship HMA3 at Farnborough in 1913 and (RIGHT)a rather less flattering picture of the same craft..
Postcards showing (LEFT)The Gamma 1 Army Airship and (RIGHT)the Gamma II.... at Farnborough circa 1913..
Two more Postcards showing the Army Airship Gamma II....both at Farnborough circa 1913..
Two 1913 Postcards of the Parseval 18 airship HMA4..
Left:Postcard of airship HMA 6 at Aldershot circa 1916.Right:Undated postcard showing "Dirigible No.II" at Farnborough
Two postcards showing the Airship sheds at Farnborough
LEFT:Postcard of the car of the Beta Airship at Farnborough ,RIGHT:
The Beta II in 1914.(Postcard from Julian Gooding)
Two more postcards showing the Airship sheds at Farnborough
The car of Airship "Gamma".

Postcard Images are from the postcard collection of James Westerham and also my own collection.

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