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Lat/Long 51 07 05N/01 31 19W .
Grid ref SU 335355.
340 feet(approx) ASL.
2.5 miles west of Stockbridge

RUNWAYS: Grass.1300,1100 & 900 yds.

Chattis Hill map
CHATTIS HILL."A"= WW1 RFC field(approximate area),"B"= Spitfire Assembly Sheds ,"C"=WW2 Airfield.
Chattis Hill
The airfield site today- the Spitfire assembly buildings were in the woods at the upper right .The lane leading up past the woods is "Spitfire Lane".
Chattis Hill is really two airfields separated by 20 years and a few hundred yards.The first aerodrome("A" on th map above) was prepared in the summer of 1917 for use by the RFC who used the rather rough grass field until the end of 1919 when it was abandoned.The aerodrome was listed in "Flight" Sept 4th 1919 as available for emergency civilian use.Permanent buildings,in the course of construction when WW1 ended ,were never completed, and the land returned to agricultural use in 1920.

Over 20 years later,following the bombing of Supermarines factory at Woolston,the decision was made to disperse Spitfire production.Chattis hill was chosen as one of the sites ,and assembly sheds were constructed to the north of the WW1 aerodrome.A new airfield was used to the west of the original site.The whole operation was well camouflaged.Supermarine commenced operations in December 1940,with the first aircraft delivered out in March 1941.The use as a Spitfire assembly plant continued until 1945 when the airfield was closed,although Supermarine used the buildings until May 31st 1948.

34 TS Avro 504K,arr 3/18,absorbed by 43 TDS 15/7/18
43 TS,Avro 504K,arr 3/18 absorbed by 43 TDS 15/7/18
43 TDS,Avro 504k/SOPWITH Camel,formed 15/7/18
91 Sq,BE.2C/RE.8/FK.8,arr 1/9/17
92 Sq,Avro 504K/Spad/Sopwith Pup,arr 15(?)/9/17,dep 3/18
93 Sq,SE5A,arr 1/9/17
School of Wireless Telegraphy,arr 4/18

Photos of Chattis Hill today, where there are considerable remaining remnants of buildings etc. may be found on the Atlantik Wall website

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