BOURNEMOUTH - Southbourne
The Bournemouth Aviation Meeting 1910.
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LEFT:General view of the hangar area with two gas balloons in the distance...RIGHT:Another view across part of the flying ground to the hangars. All this was constructed for just one weeks use.Note the AA sign in the foreground.

LEFT:The watch tower and signal mast with Joseph Christiaens landing in his Henry Farman...RIGHT: A view across the flying ground showing the markerpylons. The aircraft overhead is possibly the Wright style Biplane of The Hon Charles Rolls .

LEFT:Joseph Christians(Belgium) in his Henry Farman biplane...RIGHT :Bleriot Monoplane (probably that of L F Morane)with Passenger.

LEFT:Edmond Audemars(Switzerland) in his high-wing, wire-braced Demoiselle monoplane...RIGHT: Mr G A Barnes loading the wings of his Humber-Bleriot monoplane onto a Humber car after the meeting.

LEFT:Captain Bertram Dickson on his Henry Farman Biplane...RIGHT:Colonel Sam Cody in his Cody biplane.

LEFT:Claude Graham-White...RIGHT:The Hon.C. S. Rolls.

Radley in his Bleriot Monoplane rounding one of the pylons.

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