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The Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910.
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Updated 18 Nov 2014

Southbourne Map
Southbourne Aerodrome.Showing location (Red lines) over modern left is Tuckton Bridge.

During the first 3 decades of the twentieth century,Bournemouth was well to the forefront in aviation.Over that period there were three land aerodromes in the area as well as what amounted to a water aerodrome at Bournemouth Pier.

Unfortunately the event and location are mainly remembered for the death of the Hon.C.S.Rolls ,who was killed at the Meeting when his Wright biplane broke up and crashed.

However, this was a major event with big prize money attracting many of the big aviation names of the day including (although not flying) Louis Bleriot.

Below is a poster produced for the occasion.

Thanks to John Fergusson and his mother, I can now show the cover of the original programme for the event. Click on the cover and you will get a PDF file of the complete original programme.

Full list of competitors and their aircraft. Click on pilot's name to see photo.
1. Edouard Audemars (Demoiselle)
2. G. A. Barnes (Humber)
3. Hon. Alan Boyle (Avis)
4. J. Christiaens (H. Farman)
5. G. B. Cockburn (H. Farman)
6. S. F. Cody (Cody)
7. G. C. Colmore (Short)
8. Capt. Bertram Dickson (H.Farman)
9. J. Armstrong Drexel (Bleriot)
10.L. D. L. Gibbs (H. Farman and Sommer)
11.Cecil Grace(Short)
12.C. Grahame-White (H. Farman)
13.Robert Jones(pseudonym for Robert Loraine) (H. Farman)
14.J. T. C. Moore - Brabazon(Short and Voisin)
15.Leon F. Morane (Bleriot)
16.A. Ogilvie (Short-Wright)
17.James Radley (Bleriot)
18.A. Rawlinson (H. Farman)
19.Hon. C. S. Rolls (Short-Wright)
20.Louis Wagner (Hanriot)

Prize money and events.
Longest flight—                    £3,000,£150,£60,£40.
Speed flight—                      £1,000,£400,£100,£50.
Greatest altitude prize—           £1,000,£400,£100,£50.
Starting prize—                    £250,£50,£25,£25.
Alighting prize—                   £250,£50,£25,£25.
Sea flight(3) prizes for best time)£800,£400,£100.
Weight carrying (three prizes)—    £350,£150,£50.
General merit (four prizes)—       £500,£300,£150,£50 
Slowest circuit (one prize)—       £100.
Competitors' assistants(2 prizes)— £60,£40.
The Daily Telegraph will present a magnificent silver cup to the British aviator giving the best exhibition on any machine.
The following is the programme for each day:—
Monday, July 11th:Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Altitude
Prize, Slowest Circuit.
Tuesday, July 12th:Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Starting
Prize, Alighting Prize,Slowest Circuit.
Wednesday, July 13th:Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Altitude
Prize,Weight Carrying,Slowest Circuit.
Thursday, July 14th: Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Weight
Carrying,Starting Prize,Alighting Prize,Slowest Circuit.
.Friday,July 15th:Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Altitude Prize,
Sea-Flight round the Needles(weather permitting),
Aeroplane v Motor Boat Race.
Saturday,July 16th:Longest Flight,Speed Prize,Altitude
Prize,Sea-Flight round the Needles(weather permitting)
Aeroplane v Motor Boat Race.

See seperate page for the RESULTS

The meeting was judged to have been a success by the contemporary press- this in spite of the tragic death of the Hon C.S.Rolls.
Two other aircraft also crashed at the meeting but the pilots(Cecil Grace & J Christiaens) both survived the experience.
There seems to have been no further use of this site on a regular basis but it is possible that Henri Salmet used the site in late 1913 whist operating in the Bournemouth area.It is on record that he ran into a tree whilst landing at "Tuckton" on November 22nd 1913.

Below are a number of picture postcards of the meeting.

During the course of the meeting Loraine ("Robert Jones") became the first to fly through a rain storm and the first aviator to land on the Isle of Wight.This happened on the 16th of July when he became lost and eventually landed on the golf course at Freshwater I.o.W.

Two postcards showing J Armstrong Drexel at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910.
The Demoiselle aircraft(The 'Infuriated Grasshopper' but also refered to as the "Angry Wasp") flown by Edmond Audemars at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910.
Contemporary postcards showing Claude Grahame White at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910.
Contemporary postcard showing Claude GrahamWhite with Lady passenger.
Contemporary postcard showing Claude Graham White "alighting after a flight".
Postcards showing(LEFT) Leon Morane and (RIGHT) Captain Bertram Dickson at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910.
Leon Morane alighting after his flight to the Needles Lighthouse and back on the 17th July 1910- a distance of 21 miles in 25 minutes.
Postcard showing Robert Jones in his Farman.
Postcards of Colonel Cody at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting July 1910
(LEFT)Rolls in flight at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting.(RIGHT)Rolls "rising for a flight".
Rolls at the Bournemouth Aviation Meeting and (right)the wreckage of Rolls' aircraft.
Contemporary postcard showing G.A .Barnes preparing for a flight.
(LEFT)"Mr Radley getting ready".(RIGHT)"Christaens in the air".
(LEFT)"Mr S F Cody".(RIGHT)"Mr J Armstrong Drexel".

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