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Updated 8th November 2014.

Lat/Long 50 48 15N/01 30 15W.
Grid ref SU 350008 .
130 feet ASL.
3.5 miles NNE of Lymington.
IDENT "BQ",1944 RT callsign"Acheback",HF/DF 1RA

09/27 1970x50 yds.
03/21 1370x50 yds.
15/33 1370x50 yds.

beaulieu plan
BEAULIEU Airfield runway plan.(Air Ministry 1945)

BEAULIEU Airfield was built in 1942,opening in August with 19 Group,RAF Coastal Command,and was used mainly as a basefor anti-submarine patrol work.In February 1944 the airfield transferred to 2 TAF(2nd Tactical Air Force)for preparation for D-Day.Another change in command in March 1944 saw the arrival of the 9th Air Force/USAAF who stayed until the end of August.Following the departure of the USAAF,in December 1944 the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment(AFEE) arrived .Involved in experimental work with glider towing,parachute drops etc,the AFEE used the old East Boldre Airfield site which was literally right next door, on the far side of the Lymington-Beaulieu road, as a drop zone.

In September 1949 the AFEE staged a Battle of Britain display . Participating aircraft included Hastings(3) , Valetta,Hamilcar glider,Horsa glider ,Harvards(3),Oxford, Devon,Ambassador,Canadair C-4,Bristol Freighter, Viscount,Bristol 171, Cierva Air Horse Skeeter, C.30 Autogiro,Westland Sikorsky S.51, S-51 Spraycopter, Supermarine 510, and Hawker Tom Tit flown by Neville Duke.Over 30,000 people attended the display.

In September 1950 the AFEE moved out to Boscombe Down and the airfield was without any flying units.Placed on Care and Maintenance,Beaulieu remained inactive.On 1st April 1953 control passed once again to the USAF and was upgraded,but in the event no further flying units arrived.On the 8th September 1955 the airfield was handed back to Air Ministry control,in whose care it remained until November 1959 when it was finally handed back to the Forestry Commission.Eventually ,the runways were torn up ,leaving only a small section near the Lymington road which is used as a model aircraft flying area.
A relic of Beaulieu's past lives on in the area.One of the hangars was dismantled after the war and taken to Ashley,near New Milton. It was re -erected on a site on the northeastern corner of the junction between Ashley Lane and Ashley Common Rd and is now used by a motor repair company .
Beaulieu air shot
Beaulieu seen from the air in March 1944, the day before the arrival of the 365FG USAAF with three squadrons of P-47Ds.
Beaulieu air shot
A 2009 shot of Beaulieu -looking SE towards the Beaulieu River.The site of the World War 1 airfield is on the far side of the road running left-right beyond the runway intersection in the middle of the picture.(Photo from Paul Smith)
RAF Units
53 SQ Liberator VA arr 25/9/43,dep 3/1/44
88 Sq Boston IIIA arr 8/43,dep 8/43 (detachment)
158 Sq Halifax II arr 6/42,dep 12/42 ?
224 Sq Liberator III/IV/V arr 9/9/42,dep20/3/43
257 SQ Typhoon IB arr 20/1/44 ,dep 3/2/44
263 Sq Typhoon IB arr 23/1/44,dep 6/4/44
311(Czech) Sq Wellington Ic/Liberator IIIA arr 26/5/43,dep 23/2/44
405(RCAF) Sq Halifax II arr 25/10/42,dep 1/3/43
486(RNZAF) Sq Tempest V arr 31/1/44,dep 28/2/44
657 Sq/901Flt Hoverfly 2 arr 4/47 ,detachment.
No.1(Coastal) Liberator OTU . arr 8/8/42
323BG:453/454/455/456 Sqs B-26B(Aircraft Codes:VT/RJ/YU/WT) arr 21/7/44 dep 26/8/44
List of all the 454BS Aircraft by Serial Number/Name/Code
323rd Bomb Group
453 BS... 454 BS.. 455 BS... 456 BS>
365FG.386/387/388FS P-47(Codes D5,B4,C4).arr 5/3/44,dep 28/6/44
Beaulieu seen from the air in 2014.The layout still shows clearly ,thirty five years after the runways were taken up
Liberator of 224 Squadron RAF at Beaulieu.
B-26B 41-31813 454BS/323BG
P-47D 44-20571 386FS.USAF Photo

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